September 10, 2014

21 Things Mini Album

Recently I received a text from my niece from Florida, asking if I would make a list of 21 things that I loved about her sister.  Katie would be turning 21 this year.  Felicia wanted to collect a list of 21 things you love from 21 different people.  Very clever idea.  
She mentioned she wanted to do a scrapbook for her.  She was going to be in Maine traveling around for a few days so the list was  needed pretty quickly.  
A few days later, I got a call that her and her mom, they wanted to come visit me for a few days.  Would I mind helping with the scrapbook?  
Ummm, YES!  Right up my alley.  I think she knew that too:o)  
We gathered the best "mature" paper I had, for an elegant but fun mini scrapbook.  
Crate Paper's DIY collection was our choice.  We kept the inside of the album very simple.  We did not want to distract from the 21 lists. 
 The cover, however, we went all out.  
We wanted it to be something that would attract you to pick it up from the coffee table.  

You can see above how chunky the album got even with keeping it simple inside.  

We covered each raw chipboard page with a patterned paper.  She wanted either a photo of you with Katie or a photo of your family.  So, each person had a list, a photo, a doily, and a banner with their name.

These are just of few of the page included in the super fun, super thoughtful book.  I am amazed at how big Felicia's heart is.  Wanting to do something so creative, thoughtful,  and timeless for her sister.  Katie is one lucky lady.  
Can you imagine hearing from 21 people, 21 things they love about you?