February 23, 2013

February vacation

February vacation is here.  It is actually almost over.  With a big birthday party last weekend and company this weekend, it has been pretty busy around here.  We are off to a hockey game tonight and hopefully one more rendezvous tomorrow to top it all off.  Here are a few layouts that I had been working on but forgot to post.  This picture is of Milford, resting.  However, it looks like he is completely disgusted with the unfinished projects I have in my wicked cool Molasses Candy crate!

This is my boy doing the Gangnam style dance!  The constellation paper was a bit bright for me so I cut out the circle center and still used the grid for the base.  It was a great way to show off the personality of my February Baby!

Thanks for stopping in!

February 14, 2013

Happy "LOVE" day!

I am so lucky to have two Valentine's in my life.   I have been spoiled for the last few days and look forward to dinner out with my boys tomorrow night.  At the fanciest place I know, and my son picked it out.  Then, big time birthday plans on Saturday!  We are heading to the movies with way too many of  Bubba's friends.  Every year, I say, next year we will do it low key!  God give me strength.

I have lots of photos to share with you today.  I will start with my special Valentines......

We should have bought stock in Hallmark before this holiday!  This is the card that I received from my boy.  It says, "mama best in the world froman."  I think he was rushed and started "from" and then added "Roman" but combined them instead.  It made my day.  So, I had to scrap it.

In the Studio Calico kit from January, it had this teal pocket.   I trimmed down the card and tucked it neatly in the secret compartment!  On Valentine eve, another highlight was watching my husband (through my beautiful roses) do the really messy dishes.  Beautiful!

Here is the completed layout.  I LOVE the hearts.

This here is the "Golden Bullet" for the Pinewood Derby.  Roman thought for sure it was going to win.  You know, at the olympics they give gold to the winners so obviously when you paint something gold, it will win.  That is just a fact. 

Before the race when he was still happy and proud of his car!

Here are the results.  I'm showing a picture so I don't have to explain.  Very very sad in our house for the rest of the night.  He has already expressed that he will not be participating next year.  You could see quivering lips across the room.  It is hard that only 1 of 50 young kids can win.  Bet the father who designed, built and raced the winning car was happy.  My son had a great experience with his dad.  That is what it is all about right?  Hard to convince a sad 7 yr old.

My friend changed her FB profile pic today to one from the younger years, so I decided to jump on board.  With all the positive comments that I have received, I am afraid to tell everyone that the photo is like 100 years old.  We are now, old, gray and not quite as purty!!!  But damn, my hair looked good:o)

Hope you all have had a wonderful day filled with love.


February 11, 2013

my girl

Hi there!  This is my contribution over on the Eclectic Paperie blog today.  Go check it out!

This layout is against the norm over on Eclectic Paperie.  I walked away with clean hands!  Well, I did have a little Zip Dry and Distress Ink on me!  This girl below makes me happy.  She is my only avenue to using girly colors in this house of boys.  I started with white Bazzill cardstock, added my choices of Authentique "Peaceful" papers: cozy, chill, and solitude.  I added some pink polka dot velum and some leftover scraps I have from Crate Papers Emma's Shoppe collection.  Once I decided what and where my papers and pictures were going to go, I hand cut a polaroid frame, tucked in some green accents, hearts, wood veneers and a title.  I even raised some embellishments with foam tape for dimension.  However, the left of my page was still empty.  I cut out multiple hearts from the Wplus9 Stackers and punched a few snowflakes.  Then added these to the left side of my layout.  Machine stitching held them all in place.  I added stickers from the Authentique "Peaceful" line and some My Mind's Eye Enamel dots.  Voila, a beautiful pink tribute to the girl in my life.


February 9, 2013

Still snowed in

Nemo is apparently the is the worst blizzard since 1978.  They even had a driving ban that started yesterday at 4pm and was lifted today at 4pm.  I shoveled to let Flo out last night at 8:30.  At 10:30, I let her out again and what I shoveled was gone.  Wasted time.  This is what our backdoor looked like this morning.

There were 4 ft drifts in the back yards.  It was crazy!  Here are a few more pics for friends and family that are laying in the sun at the beach today.  Bitches!

Flo's path.  

Amazing how Randy's truck was untouched.  Didn't have to clean it off but still couldn't get it out!  He says its untouchable because of the Marine Decals!

My boy eating snow.  White snow!

We made Roman's Valentines today.  Super easy and super cute.  It was a free printable and 2 pks of $1.00 glow sticks from Target.  Most expensive part was the ink.  Can't beat that.

I even had time to work on my Smash book I started in Italy.  It has been a year.  I am having troubles with all the different buildings and place that we went.  I am amazed at the detail journaling that I did, but matching the photos has been a challenge.  I am doing old school scrapping like I did in high school.  I have lots of postcards, tickets and brochures.  I'm on day 2.  I will let you know if I survive.  I am struggling.  Feel like a fish without water.  Speaking of fish, Nemo sure wreaked havoc on Mass.  I hear from my fam that it is still going on in Maine.  They still haven't plowed our road and we need to get out to get paint for Roman's Pinewood Derby car.  Wish us luck tomorrow:o)


February 8, 2013

Snowed in

I am super excited about "Nemo"coming our way.  We are expecting 40".  Doesn't seem like much until you get out a tape measure.  We have groceries, movies, scrapbooking supplies and beer for the man.  We have electricity, heat and warm blankets.  Roman is all ready to start shoveling.  I am hoping that it is a little sticky so we can make our snowman family since last year was a dud.  The door bell has just rung and my Studio Calico kit  for this month has arrived.  I wasn't sweating it cause I am already two months behind:o(    

This is our home at the beginning of the storm.  I will be out later and will give you an update!

Randy just returned from Turkey with these GORGEOUS platters for me!!!  I love the floral one, it can serve as a bowl.  I need a better display area for my beautiful collection.  I do use them.  But one can never use them all.  I just have way too many.  It is my fetish.  Some people like feet, I like platters and bowls:o)

Here is a snippet of a Birthday card that I make with Market Square from Farmhouse Paper Company.  Maybe I can share the card on Monday. 

The future "Michael Phelps" minus the controversy!  If he would only kick his feet.  He does all his work with his arms.

At the Cub Scout meeting Tuesday night, Roman made me this Valentine pot.  I've already bought myself a little plant for it.  It adds sunshine to my breakfast area.

OHHHHHH my!  This layout will be on the eclectic Paperie blog on Monday.  You'll have to check it out.  I don't often get the chance to work with pinks, so, when I can, I love it!  Can you see the topic???  I just love this girl.  She makes me happy.  Ill post the layout here Monday too.

Til next time, I bid you peace!

February 4, 2013

Anaheim CA

Although sunny California was sunny and warm, I am glad to be home to my family.  My son has excelled in Rocket Math this past week and my husband has returned from Turkey, a day before the embassy was bombed.  A few months ago, he left Egypt the day that embassy was attacked.  We praise God that he has returned and is safe.

While in California, I made some new friends, got to see fireworks nightly from my hotel window and ate some incredible food.  So today, I am playing catch up on my checkbook, birthday party invites, crafting and laundry.  I wish I had a maid.  If I did, I would have her change my sheets daily!  As I plan for Roman's 8th birthday party, I am saddened by how fast time flies.  I still see him as my baby.  We are going to the movies with hopefully 14 kids!  I am crazy!  The invitations, cake and goodies will all be Minecraft!  

Here are a few photos of my trip.
I know that everyone takes this photo.  This just does not show how fluffy those clouds actually were.  It was such a beautiful sight.

Look how crazy this is!  It is made out of Legos at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.

Look how pretty the Farmhouse paper was displayed!  It's some beautiful stuff!

Here is my friend Kim. Isn't she beautiful!  Look how white her teeth are and don't look at mine:o]

Til next time!