September 29, 2014

MAMBI 2014-2015 design team!!!

Third row down to the far right...... that is MEEEEE!!!  
Or someone who looks like me and has the same name!  I still feel like I am dreaming!  Yaaaaayyyyy!  I am beyond thrilled to be working along side so many talented designers.  
I hope I can be inspiring.  Lord knows, these ladies have been inspiring me along the way.  
I have been one of those creepy stalkers!  
Any-who, I am very very excited to be able to tell the world.  It has been hard for me to keep this a secret for over a week! I deserve a prize!  Maybe a root beer float.  I can see one of those in my near future.  Now, I am a fortune teller too!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! Can't wait to follow along to see your work-and all the other stuff too!