March 30, 2011

Mother's Day cards.....

What a week it has been!  I have accomplished many things on my list but have nothing to show for it!  I feel better though, I guess that is all that matters.  Things have been rough around the Maldonado house. My boy has had a really bad week and says, "it's tough being six!"  Last I looked, it's only the beginning of Wednesday!  On the more creative side, I have completed some Mother's Day cards!!!  Yeah me!!!  It is only March, again, yeah me!!!  I was thinking that these vegetable and flower packet looking paper thingy's were perfect for mothers.  What do you think?  I also Love the buttons and butterflies!  Looking through my old stuff I found this edge distresser by Heidi Swapp.  You can tell from the previous layouts and these cards that this may be my new thing!!  I remember when I started scrapbooking, I needed every, I mean EVERY pair of decorative scissors they made.  I even used them all!!!  I dare not show you those would laugh too hard.  Not long ago, a friend of mine was visiting and we looked back at the old, beginning layouts, we had a good laugh, at my expense.  I think I was laughing the hardest:0)


March 24, 2011

Lump, Bump and Clump!: Time Time Tickin, Tickin Away!

Lump, Bump and Clump!: Time Time Tickin, Tickin Away!: "It has been a while since I have been able to get on my computer for more than 10 minutes to even consider update and downloading any type o..."

Time Time Tickin, Tickin Away!

It has been a while since I have been able to get on my computer for more than 10 minutes to even consider update and downloading any type of photos.  I feel like the Apple guy is my new best friend!  I have some pretty cool news, wait for it........ Roman, my boy, won a coloring contest last week at Chili's.  So as a proud mama, I must share that with you and post a picture of my "Famous" guy.  They really gave him the treatment when we went back to eat and take pictures of his picture.  All the staff approached him and said, "Are you Roman?"  It was cool.  An even cooler point I need to make is that his old teacher and her daughter, who now babysits for Roman, came with us to celebrate.  So take a gander but please, 

What is with the crazy grin you ask?  I can not capture a photo lately that does not reflect this seriously goofy smile.  

Moving on to less exciting business......I think last time I posted, I explained that I was struggling with the local kit club packet that I received.  Time is tickin away, and kit club is just next week.  I needed something to show.  So this is what I came up with.  I kinda like the way this layout came out.  I wasn't so keen on the vegetable packaging but after cutting it up, and playing around.  Its not so bad.  The paper line is beautiful.  It is from Webster's Pages.  The problem that I think I have with it is the fact that I have a boy and not too many pictures of anything that does not contain him!  So here you have it......

The above layout was inspired by something I saw on another blog.

I know that every time I close, I say, hopefully it will not be as much time until next time.  Keep your fingers crossed!
Mary-Ann, the proud mama of Roman!

March 11, 2011


I know, I know, I told you I would be back the next day, sorry for the delay.  I have been in what I call a super funk.  Super busy with no creative juices flowing.  Sorry:0(  I am going to share with you some cards that I created a while back, maybe from around the same time as my last post.  They are done with the kit club paper that I told you about from my local scrap store.  I tell ya, I love this stuff.  Once a month I go to the local store for the kit club meeting.  We share what we made, talk about it and get the stuff for the next month.  I am super bummed.  Not sure I like what we were given.  I can not think of what I can do with the next bunch of goodies.  I was so in awe of the last month that this month is such a let down.  So, I think that I have decided to concentrate on the many products I got during my last trip.  Some My Mind's Eye goodness.  That will be my therapy and make me feel much better. Then maybe, I can move back to the kit club stuff.  I love a challenge!   I believe that I will make some Abuelita cocoa (it is a mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon) and try to get motivated.  Wish me luck.

Shhhhhhhhh., this is the card I made for my sister.  Her birthday is not until the end of the month, she will probably see this but oh well!  She loves to play poker.  I have no idea how to play.  I was limited in the choices I could use for the cards but love it anyway.  I would have done a flush if I could have.  (After I looked it up on the internet to see what one was!)  I still think that she will love it.  I even took down my sewing machine for this one.  I need to expand my playroom.  That machine needs to be out all the time.  Oh, and my new love.........twine.  Look at that uber cute button from Stampin' up. I heart that button!!!

Twine again!  I made his for my man for Valentines day.  But changed my mind.  I think i will save it for another occasion.  Don't you just adore that freaking lamp???  Don't answer that question if you don't.  Keep your opinions to yourself!!  This is just scraps from the leftover Restoration paper line from my kit club.  So is the above card and the ones below.  They don't even look like the same line do they?  The brads, yup, Stampin' up antique brads.  Yummo!

This is the Valentine card that I did give my guy.  Yes, it is pink.  Yes, I used girly ribbon.  But it is all about love for sale!!!  He liked it until I snatched it back to show my club and keep in my stash.  Oh well.

Do you think that I can wait until next year to give tis to the neighbors daughter for the B-day?  Probably not.  I wanna share it now!

This would make a neat spring card or get well.  I can add something to the bottom or the inside when an occasion arises.  

That is all I have to share with you today.  Hopefully I will have something else to share with you quicker than I did last time.  Right now I need to start singing, "Rain, rain go away....."  With all the snow melting and rain coming, we are bound to have an even wetter basement.  

March 2, 2011

I'm alive!!!

Hi friends!  I have just returned from a strenuous but fun week in Cali with my dear friend.  We laughed, cried, shopped and ate incredible food!  We visited Disneyland which, I feel, can not compare to Disney World in Florida.  Just my opinion, and I find that often times, my opinion don't count!  Anyway, I have been super inspired by seeing all of the product that is coming out on the market and by seeing projects at the recent scrapbooking convention.  I hope to get my scrap on, and produce some good stuff for you to see.  Today I have added a picture of the upcoming card class that I will be teaching at Ink About It in Westford on March 30th and again at Wholly Scrap in North Hampton NH on May 14th.  If your a local and want to join me, yeah, I will see you there!

I have completed some other really fun cards that I will post tomorrow.  Until then, Good night!