October 19, 2011

My Mind's Eye Layout Challenge!

Last night, when I had packing to do for Kansas City, MO, I decided that I would scrap for this challenge instead.  Now I am hurrying to get this posted before I finish packing.  I always leave things until the last minute.  WHY????  I think the answer to that is, I NEED A MAID:O)  Definitely!!!  I would of had more time to do this layout and get packed if I didn't have to do laundry and cook dinner for my family.  So, thats the answer:o)  Randy, if your reading this.........  PLEASE!!!

Here is the challenge:

Here is my interpretation.  I think I might of mentioned before, how much I LOVE tis paper line.  I just can't stop!

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October 18, 2011

Crate Paper Color Challenge

I took some recent photos that I took of my holiday decorations and put them in a coaster book with the colors from this challenge.  I loved the colors the second I saw them.  But, I love all things Crate anyway:o)  Here is what I did last night while catching up on Private Practice.  

Heading to Kansas City tomorrow.  See you soon:o)

October 17, 2011

Still loving Orange!

As busy as I have been with soccer two times a week, flag football, and swimming, we just signed up for Cub Scouts.  What was I thinking???  I have hardly anytime for myself and my really good book that I am reading right now:o(  I did get to go shopping with my friend recently and those of you who love old stuff can appreciate that I got a size 20 crock for just $50.00!!!  It currently houses all my dirty clothes:o)  Dirty clothes have never looked so beautiful!   I do need to photograph it for you, without the clothes!  Last night while catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I worked on this banner for my mantel with the scraps from the banner class that I just taught.  Ladies who took the class...... check this out!  Seriously, only the scraps of paper and twine!

Man how I wish the TV wasn't there!  I would be kicked out of the house if I took it down.  I cut the scraps into different widths, laid them out it the pattern that I liked.  Folded them in half, cut notches out of the bottoms, inked the edges and them folded them over the twine and glued them together.  I just love this paper line by My Mind's Eye.  I still have more left.  How many banners do you think is too much in one house???  

Here is a couple more pics of my fall decor.

This is my new addition for this year.  I love him and the purple scarf.

I have spiders everywhere.  This guy has come out for the last 6-7 years.  I love him.

This would be the back of my toilet.  There is not a thing that can't be beautified in the fall:o)

Happy Hauntings!

October 5, 2011

Favorite time of the year!

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Of course so is my birthday, or so WAS my birthday when I was younger.  Anyway, I love the crisp air, apples, leaves falling and anything the color orange!  Oh, and pumpkin cookies.  I have been diligent in decorating my house and the outside.  Recently I have decided to decorate more with pumpkins than with witches and ghosts like I used to.  I have 50 spiders outside on my house.  All you do is by plastic spiders, tuck a leg under the flap in the siding and voila, instant spider infestation!  I love it.  Don't forget to add a rat or two!  I did just add Martha Stewart bugs up my wall from the basement to my sons room.  I showered, and 1/2 of them are gone.  There was a four legged monster that looked really guilty.  She and my cat teamed together to get the cheese off the counter too.  The cat knocked it down and the dog ate it.  Waiting for the results of a dog eating cheese (swiss cheese) before too long.  I am sure there will be issues.

I will be teaching this Saturday at Ink About it in Chelmsford MA from 1-3pm  for you locals that are interested.  It is a halloween banner for your mantel, across a mirror or in a door frame.  Here is a peak at what it looks like.

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