September 26, 2011

Playing catch up.

It has been crazy around here for over 6 weeks.  School starting, Randy traveling, painting (cause I have the bug) and going to Randy's dad's funeral.  Yes, his dad passed on September 6th.  It was expected but none the less painful.  He was such a wonderful godly man.  I feel blessed to have had him in my life.  This is a photo of the day we arrived in Florida to see him a few months ago.  Apparently, that was the best day he had in a long while.  This is my handsome husband:o)

RIP Jesus Ayala:o(  

On a  much lighter note, I have been painting again.  I have decided that eventually I will be covering all the original blue with something different.  My second task was my scrapbooking room.  Here are some pictures of the new ORANGE room with my new Martha Stewart Home Decor furniture from Home Depot.  I just love it.  According to the DIY channel, orange is supposed to promote creativity.  We shall see.

Look at the amazing dividers!!!  Perfect for all sorts of scrappy stuff I have collected.  I have been working on an upcoming class for a couple local stores and here is what I have come up with so far.  It is with the Mischievous collection from My Mind's Eye.  I adore this line and can not wait to hang this banner on my mantel.  It is with a Maya Road canvas album.  How I wish I could have this Raggedy Ann style doll in fabric for my rocking chair:o(

 Monthly kit club starts back up Wednesday after a much needed summer break.  We worked with a beach line from October Afternoon.  I will share that as soon as I get some more done on it.  Until then, thanks for stopping by.  

September 2, 2011

This makes me happy!

School has started!

So school has begun and I seem busier than before.  I am even up earlier and get my days started earlier but I still don't have enough time.  Maybe it is because I have found a new Hobby Lobby in Manchester and had to meet my friend there on the second day of school.  This of course, took up the entire day cause we had to hit the LL Bean outlet and eat lunch!  There was absolutely no time for anything else!  Just a point I need to make, Hobby Lobby's are only down south and out west.  This is a BIG deal!  Finally, my favorite store within driving distance.  It is good that it is far enough away not  to just drop by.  It has to be planned.

On the first day of school, I tried to take pictures of my handsome boy but only got scowled face mug shots.  He was in a great mood but it did not come through in these photos.

 My fav minus the bog body in the background!

I don't understand why I was the only one with a camera at the bus stop.  Maybe they took pics at home before they got there.  My husband was also out of town, but if he wasn't he would have been the only dad there.  I often take for granted how involved Randy is.  Roman is one lucky boy.

I have been playing around with a fantastic manufacturer, Bella Blvd.  I love love love there stuff.  It has been fun using papers and embellishments that actually are age appropriate for my boy.  They actually have a line called Mr. Boy that is terrific.  But I do have a favorite layout that I created, can u guess which it is???

 If you guess the "Girls" one, you are right!!!!  I loved using pinks and reds and flowers without restraint.  I was in my glory!  Roman took these pictures of us.  I keep asking him to try and get both our heads in the frame.  Finally he succeeded.  I thought he did a great job.  You can tell by the pics that we had fun trying.  The next runner up is not cause of the design it is cause of the pictures of Roman's "Many Faces."  If you know him, or been to our house, you know that he has a million costumes or items that change his appearance.   This was a great way to capture so many different styles.  Not many of these pics could have been a layout on their own.  Clumping them together was just right.  By the way, when he changes his appearance, you must call him by a different name.  It is always a challenge!

Randy's dad is still the same.  He is hanging on but does not have much mobility.  Please keep praying for him and for his wife to have strength.

Milford our cat has been sick and we thought for sure that we were going to loose him.  He has improved greatly with steroids and may 'not' become our dogs angel according to our son:o)

I painted my bathroom from a blue-gray to a brown.  I LOVE it!  I had no idea that I could paint so well.   It may be something I continue to do!  Watch out house!!!

Pictures of the patio:  The first picture is when the house was originally built.  It looked beautiful but turned into a splinter nightmare.  

This may be the longest blog post in history.  Sorry.  We do have furniture now and the grass is growing back, I mean weeds!

Thanks for reading my novel:o)