September 17, 2014


If you have a child anywhere between the ages of 7-20, specifically boy, you all know about over-priced sneakers.  Well, in this house, we have had several conversations that revolve around Lebron's.  At the end of the last school year, it was a daily topic. More like begging.  My boy would request a pair of "Lebron's".  For those of you who have sheltered children, or don't live near the hood, or don't watch TV, Lebron's are the ugliest, most expensive, highly sought after sneaker out there.  After many, many chores (that had to be without resistance) we broke down.  Well, my husband broke down and got my kid a pair of sneaks that I am embarrassed of:o)  You just can't buy them anywhere, that's if they even have the ones your looking for, and in the size you need.  Nothing matches except the really expensive t-shirt that he had to have too.  Then, when you get the sneakers, you have to have the really ugly, over-priced socks too.  You just can't wear what you already have.  Anyway, he sported them at times throughout the summer (selectively).  When school started, we waited to see if others had them, then a few days into the school year, he broke them out.  Bam.  Just like that.  The cat is out of the bag!

This picture is from this summer when we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  He matched there just fine with all the colorful chairs and decor!  I sat at a different table:o)

I used MAMBI (Me and My Bid Ideas) product for this layout and some Thicker letters.  The star cut file is from an amazing Etsy store, The Cut Shoppe!

Click on this pic to read the journaling.

If anyone is looking to hire, let me know!  We are broke!!!  Oh wait, HE should start sending out fliers to the neighbors about odd jobs he is willing to do like I did when I was a kid!  Maybe, walk the dog? pick weeds? Mow the grass?  All at least worth a buck or two!  Then maybe, we can eat again:o)

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