October 11, 2018

Spider Fest - Queen & Co.

Good morning!
If you can read this then you are Blissfully UNAWARE of what is CREEPING UP behind you!  It could be a spider.  It could be a spider created with Lollies and Epoxy Dots.  If it is, you are lucky!  This Fright Fest Halloween Shaker  from Queen & Co., is so fun and creepy.  
A colorful background makes the black web and its tiny spiders pop off the page!  I used a mixture of toppings to include the ones included in kit.  I used a ruler to create the web that extends directly to my Epoxy Dot spiders.

For my second card, I wanted to create something girly with the web.  Using girl colors, pink and purple Toppings and Pom Poms, it is perfect for the the girl that loves Halloween.

I created my own spiders for this fun card too.  I used Bubbles and Pom Poms with a coordinating colored pen for the legs.  
Go grab the Fright Fest Halloween Kit.  Create your cards with ease, since everything is included in your kit.  Or you could add a few additional items like I did.  

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