July 28, 2014

Sail away with me

So, what happens over at The Rubber Cafe is that I am asked to create 4 cards in one month with their Creative Cafe Kit of the Month.  Often times, just three of those cards are used during the month and if needed the fourth will be pulled and used.  Since my fourth will not be used this month, I thought I would fill in a day on my own blog and share my "Sail away with me" Nautical card.

I stamped the sailboat on several different colors and paper-pieced the sail together in the colors that I wanted.  Since the heart was sooooo small to fussy cut, I used a small heart stamp that I had on hand. Not loving the paper-piecing, I got out my doodle pen and started tracing around each piece of paper that I had placed down.  This helped a lot.  You can see at the bottom of the page, I added the twirled ribbon in an ombre effect, trying to replicate water.  The seagulls are hand drawn with my doodle pen.


Since I have returned from second camping trip this summer, I want NOTHING to do with water unless it is my own pool.  NOTHING to do with boats unless its smaller than me and can be played with in my own pool!  Matter of fact, I want NOTHING to do with being outside unless it is in my own backyard.  But of course, nothing I have just said will be honored since I am off on another journey tomorrow and will be near water, boats, and the outdoors.  ugh, I give up!

Thanks for dropping in today.  See you again real soon.

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