July 3, 2014


We are back from camping and have a full house of company.  Isn't that when your creative juices flow?  It is for me.  Seems like when I shouldn't be scrapping or can't be scrapping, I am full of ideas and am itching to get into my space.  FYI, you probably already know because I am typing this as you read, I survived the deep woods of Maine.  There were no bear attacks or bear sightings for that matter.  I will post separately for that topic since I have a million and one photos to share that I was threatened not to share!  hehe

Back to paper........ I created a congratulations card for a graduation party but it could certainly be used for any occasion.  Maybe retirement, promotion, or graduation from 3rd grade:0)
I combined Chic Tags with A Flair for Buttons.  It is like mixing chocolate with peanut butter.  They go together magically.

See you again soon.


  1. That is darling! I love all the little details. :)

  2. Love this card! Wanted to give you a heads up that you left the "r" out of congratulations.

  3. How cute!! I love that card!!