July 29, 2014

Two camping trips and no bears

I must warn you folks that this here blog post is going to be photo heavy.  I could show you all the pictures from our two, deep in the woods camping trips, but I think that my computer would crash and you would ever return to my blog.  So I will just share a few of my faves.  Or ones that are important and don't show how terribly dirty my hair is.  

Our first Camping trip of the summer was to Baxter State Park, deep in Maine.  Yes Maine is beautiful country.  I grew up there, not appreciating what it offers.  I DO appreciate Maine, just not the deep in the woods parts of it!  Anyway, you are not interested in my whining so I will continue.

Here we are happy.  We always take a selfie entering the park on the dirt road.  Our bodies are clean and my hair looks decent.

We still like each other here.  Must be the first night!  I can see that we are set up behind us, I am surprised that we are willing to smile in a photo together after erecting the tarps.

The boys are off on a hike.  Can't remember where.  Wonder if I have a memory disfunction.

Roman and Tyler on a hike to the falls.  Oh!!!  That is where all the  boys hiked to in the previous picture!

Diggin in to MRE's cause that's how they roll.  We are at Little and Big Niagra.  My second hike of the trip.  Pretty impressive since I am still recovering from knee replacement! (you can clap now!)

Cheesy selfie on one of the boys hikes.

That's my boy, catching fish like he's in a derby.  He came back 20 pounds lighter after all the mosquitos sucked out half his blood!

Here we are, still smiling.  I think it is because we are on our way out of the park after 6 nights.  I KNOW that is why I am smiling!  This is the rock that gets painted by a local guy.  It's a tourist thing!

Yup, happy we are outta there and dirty!

Our next trip was with some chums to another section of Maine.  Deep deep in the woods. Deep deep down Richardson Lake, 100 miles by boat to a camp site called Black Point that can not be reached by car.  Did you hear me???  No civilization.  At all.  Period.   This is our third year (not consecutively) attending this extremely dirty event!

My boy driving in!   (only for a few seconds while Ang takes a potty break!)  The luxuries of boating with a toilet!

Please don't fret peeps, these are air soft guns with adult supervision.  

My pals.  This is before the excitement!  We had a mean game of chicken foot happening on this here table not long after this photo was taken.  

Seriously, have you evan cooked lobster for 17 people in the middle of no where?  Without running water?  Well, you have not lived!  They threatened to set the trash bags of guts right outside my tent.  

This would NOT be my husband fishing without a license, cause that would be illegal amongst one state trooper and one police chief!!  He is fixing the pole for one of the kids.

This is only half the bunch!  There are many many more kids and many many dogs.  Yes, that boy has his face deep in his plate of Maine maple syrup.  None can go to waste!

Getting outta dodge!  Just in time for severe thunderstorms!   
 This is the end of my journey.  I survived.  No bear sightings.  Thank you Jesus.  

Til next time.....

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