February 7, 2011

Design gallery!

I thought I would share with you some really cool news.  It means nothing but validation for me!!!  Basic Grey is one of the leading scrapbooking manufacturers for paper and other scrappin goodies.  I submitted a couple of my projects to see if I could get posted in their gallery and they chose two of my designs!!!!  I am super excited.  So if you go to   go under "ideas" and on the left you will see "gallery" and you will find me!!!  Yeah!!!!!  The two projects that they chose are the Snowman album below and Tray right under that!  Yeah me!!!!


  1. Awesome! They both are fabulous! Can't wait to see you in Portland!

  2. Thank you Kim, see you really soon! Let the Circus begin!

  3. Nice. I am so excited for you. Mitch says that the only way it would have been better is if his picture was on it. But you know how he is......

    We love you

  4. Awesome Mary-Ann! Congratulations (and I am enjoying your new blog a lot!)