February 10, 2011

New class!

Hi all!  Thanks for checking back in with me if you are one of those that are checking this out!!  I will be teaching this class at Ink About It in Westford, MA on Saturday the 12th of March if you would like to join me.  It is using the newer line from Basic Grey, "Hopscotch" which is uber cute!  

I have also been working on completing uncompleted projects.  Once I started, I realized why I put them aside in the first place.  So, after months and months of procrastinating, I picked them up with a new perspective and tried again.  Soon to realize I had the same perspective.  Not much fun!!  I would be rather doing something else.  So, what do I do, start cleaning the toilet, mopping the floors, stripping the bed.  None of which get the projects done.  I return to my desk to a pile of "stuff" that did nothing for me in the first place.  BUT, I am not a quitter.  I will finish these projects before I clean anything else.  If these projects get done, I will post pictures!  Maybe!!!  Until next time, peace out!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! Wish I was closer and could take your class! Love the book...and the ribbon!