February 1, 2011

Old-er stuff!

The pictures that I am gonna show you are not OLD, they are just before my "blog" started.  So, they are older than the blog!!  This is a class that I taught at the local scrapbook store, Ink About It, in Westford (thought I'd give them a shout out!!)  

I had a ton of fun so I thought I would do it again with this wall decor.  It is a tray from 7 Gypsies, embellished with Basic Grey, Tim Holtz and misc. goodies.

As you can see from this square, not everything has to be embellished.  Sometimes simplicity is best.  Of course, not all the time!!!  I change my style like I change my underwear, so, the only thing keeping these sections in place are the traps.  I can take them out, change the color or even change the people!  It would be fun to change this for the seasons.  I can imagine bunnies for Easter, green for St. Patrick's Day and Spiders for Halloween.  Oh, the possibilities!

We manipulated this tray by removing the metal around the wire, punched a hole and applied a jump ring with with a red ball that barely fit on it!!!  It was such a challenge that even my two-handed, advanced scrapbooking friends had a difficult time! LOL!  I guess I should have invited metal workers to this class.  So, all you metal workers out there, I have added you to my invite list!

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