February 17, 2011

Star Wars vs. Disney!

Hi all!  I have been without internet for over 4 days!  Everything that I need to do lately is connected somehow to the internet or so it seems:0(  Finally after 2 home visits from the 'medical team' of Comcast, I am up and running, for now!  If I could have just got the technician, the Comcast phone people and Apple phone people on the phone all at one time, my problems would have been solved much much faster.  My blood pressure was, I am sure, through the roof and I am lucky I am not in jail for crawling through the phone and attaching the rude chic on the other end!  Oh well, I shall now try to catch up.  

A few days ago, I mentioned to you that I was working on trying to get older, open-ended projects completed!  I have completed two of those such products!!!!  I am soooo proud of myself.  The first is a mini album that I purchased from a friend of mine, Angela.  She designed this cute little mini book with papers and embellishments fit for any kid that goes to Disney.  Sometimes it is nice for someone else to do the thinking and designing.  I will only take credit in this album for the cute kid, shrunk down autographs and cutting the papers to the size she told me to!  After standing in long lines for many hours, we were able to get several autographs from various characters and I shrunk them on my very own, brand new scanner!!!  So, the originals are still in tact and the copies are shrunk to fit my need for the album!  I love how this turned out.  Super cute! 

The next album you will see is not my best.  Matter of fact, I probably should not be showing it to you.  Roman however, was super thrilled when I completed it for him.  He has millions of 3 inch Star Wars characters.  I decided that it would be great to capture pictures of these creatures, and make a small album for him to keep in his room.  I saw this album, papers, chipboards, and stickers when I was traveling to conventions last year.  Loved it at the time.  Then, I picked it up to do something with it and now, not so much.

At least my boy loves it and that is all that matters.  I have been working on cards too!  Those I have to say, are coming out WAY better!  I will post those soon.  Keep your fingers crossed that my computer problems are fixed.  If you do not hear from me within the next few days, I am probably at the local jail, please send chocolate!!!  xoxoxo

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  1. these look great!!!! I bet Roman loves the starwars book! They is wayyyyy coool!