February 6, 2011

Snow Days = Work Days

Snow days for me lately have meant laundry days.  My washer broke some 3 weeks ago and after many bad spells, it is fixed!!!!  I had no idea how much I love my washer until it left me.  Briefly.  It is soooo true, that you never know what you got until its gone!  I would post a picture of my laundry pile but it is too embarrassing.  Maybe at some point I will scrap it and you will get a glimpse from that.  I prayed every night that the laundry fairy would appear.  Never happened!  So between loads of laundry, I was able to complete a couple more pages for that kit club I was telling you about.  First I need to tell you about my mom.  She and my boy are tight.  Really tight.  She feels that they need to cook something every time they get together.  With them, cooking = mess!  They have so much fun.  This is an older photo of them making meatloaf for Randy.  I can not stand the sight of it!  Yuck!  We call my mom Tea Grammy cause she drinks 500 cups of tea a day.  Seriously!  So, you can imagine my excitement when the "kit" from the club had a tea cup!

As you can see, I love to layer, raise things up, and clump things together, hence the name "Lump Bump and Clump!!"  Did I mention how much I love this line of paper?

So in my family, I have one husband, one kid, one dog and one cat!  The cat often gets left out.  He just does not demand as much of my attention as everyone else.  So, I felt the need to honor him.  As much as I hate to admit this, the small picture of him is behind the nice warm steamy crock pot.  When you can not find Milford, he is either in a sun beam, on the dryer or a pile of clothes for comfort.  He is truly a cool cat.  Again as my son would say, "Ain't he purdy!"


  1. cute pages! Love your tea grammy one, that is one of my favorite lines of all time. Milford is the bomb. Can I have him?

  2. so beautiful Mary-Ann! You really have a nice style. It adds to the photos instead of distracting from them. I like!