February 9, 2013

Still snowed in

Nemo is apparently the is the worst blizzard since 1978.  They even had a driving ban that started yesterday at 4pm and was lifted today at 4pm.  I shoveled to let Flo out last night at 8:30.  At 10:30, I let her out again and what I shoveled was gone.  Wasted time.  This is what our backdoor looked like this morning.

There were 4 ft drifts in the back yards.  It was crazy!  Here are a few more pics for friends and family that are laying in the sun at the beach today.  Bitches!

Flo's path.  

Amazing how Randy's truck was untouched.  Didn't have to clean it off but still couldn't get it out!  He says its untouchable because of the Marine Decals!

My boy eating snow.  White snow!

We made Roman's Valentines today.  Super easy and super cute.  It was a free printable and 2 pks of $1.00 glow sticks from Target.  Most expensive part was the ink.  Can't beat that.

I even had time to work on my Smash book I started in Italy.  It has been a year.  I am having troubles with all the different buildings and place that we went.  I am amazed at the detail journaling that I did, but matching the photos has been a challenge.  I am doing old school scrapping like I did in high school.  I have lots of postcards, tickets and brochures.  I'm on day 2.  I will let you know if I survive.  I am struggling.  Feel like a fish without water.  Speaking of fish, Nemo sure wreaked havoc on Mass.  I hear from my fam that it is still going on in Maine.  They still haven't plowed our road and we need to get out to get paint for Roman's Pinewood Derby car.  Wish us luck tomorrow:o)


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