February 8, 2013

Snowed in

I am super excited about "Nemo"coming our way.  We are expecting 40".  Doesn't seem like much until you get out a tape measure.  We have groceries, movies, scrapbooking supplies and beer for the man.  We have electricity, heat and warm blankets.  Roman is all ready to start shoveling.  I am hoping that it is a little sticky so we can make our snowman family since last year was a dud.  The door bell has just rung and my Studio Calico kit  for this month has arrived.  I wasn't sweating it cause I am already two months behind:o(    

This is our home at the beginning of the storm.  I will be out later and will give you an update!

Randy just returned from Turkey with these GORGEOUS platters for me!!!  I love the floral one, it can serve as a bowl.  I need a better display area for my beautiful collection.  I do use them.  But one can never use them all.  I just have way too many.  It is my fetish.  Some people like feet, I like platters and bowls:o)

Here is a snippet of a Birthday card that I make with Market Square from Farmhouse Paper Company.  Maybe I can share the card on Monday. 

The future "Michael Phelps" minus the controversy!  If he would only kick his feet.  He does all his work with his arms.

At the Cub Scout meeting Tuesday night, Roman made me this Valentine pot.  I've already bought myself a little plant for it.  It adds sunshine to my breakfast area.

OHHHHHH my!  This layout will be on the eclectic Paperie blog on Monday.  You'll have to check it out.  I don't often get the chance to work with pinks, so, when I can, I love it!  Can you see the topic???  I just love this girl.  She makes me happy.  Ill post the layout here Monday too.

Til next time, I bid you peace!

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  1. I will take some platters!!!!!! I Love them!! LOL

    Awesome pictures and work as always. Still don't know why you have all the talent and I can't cut in a straight line

    Love you all!! Mamut