February 14, 2013

Happy "LOVE" day!

I am so lucky to have two Valentine's in my life.   I have been spoiled for the last few days and look forward to dinner out with my boys tomorrow night.  At the fanciest place I know, and my son picked it out.  Then, big time birthday plans on Saturday!  We are heading to the movies with way too many of  Bubba's friends.  Every year, I say, next year we will do it low key!  God give me strength.

I have lots of photos to share with you today.  I will start with my special Valentines......

We should have bought stock in Hallmark before this holiday!  This is the card that I received from my boy.  It says, "mama best in the world froman."  I think he was rushed and started "from" and then added "Roman" but combined them instead.  It made my day.  So, I had to scrap it.

In the Studio Calico kit from January, it had this teal pocket.   I trimmed down the card and tucked it neatly in the secret compartment!  On Valentine eve, another highlight was watching my husband (through my beautiful roses) do the really messy dishes.  Beautiful!

Here is the completed layout.  I LOVE the hearts.

This here is the "Golden Bullet" for the Pinewood Derby.  Roman thought for sure it was going to win.  You know, at the olympics they give gold to the winners so obviously when you paint something gold, it will win.  That is just a fact. 

Before the race when he was still happy and proud of his car!

Here are the results.  I'm showing a picture so I don't have to explain.  Very very sad in our house for the rest of the night.  He has already expressed that he will not be participating next year.  You could see quivering lips across the room.  It is hard that only 1 of 50 young kids can win.  Bet the father who designed, built and raced the winning car was happy.  My son had a great experience with his dad.  That is what it is all about right?  Hard to convince a sad 7 yr old.

My friend changed her FB profile pic today to one from the younger years, so I decided to jump on board.  With all the positive comments that I have received, I am afraid to tell everyone that the photo is like 100 years old.  We are now, old, gray and not quite as purty!!!  But damn, my hair looked good:o)

Hope you all have had a wonderful day filled with love.


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  1. Mary-Ann here's the name of the company that made the stamp that you liked that I used on the mini star book: ALL NIGHT MEDIA "splatter pattern" #3691 Hope this helps! Pat