February 4, 2013

Anaheim CA

Although sunny California was sunny and warm, I am glad to be home to my family.  My son has excelled in Rocket Math this past week and my husband has returned from Turkey, a day before the embassy was bombed.  A few months ago, he left Egypt the day that embassy was attacked.  We praise God that he has returned and is safe.

While in California, I made some new friends, got to see fireworks nightly from my hotel window and ate some incredible food.  So today, I am playing catch up on my checkbook, birthday party invites, crafting and laundry.  I wish I had a maid.  If I did, I would have her change my sheets daily!  As I plan for Roman's 8th birthday party, I am saddened by how fast time flies.  I still see him as my baby.  We are going to the movies with hopefully 14 kids!  I am crazy!  The invitations, cake and goodies will all be Minecraft!  

Here are a few photos of my trip.
I know that everyone takes this photo.  This just does not show how fluffy those clouds actually were.  It was such a beautiful sight.

Look how crazy this is!  It is made out of Legos at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.

Look how pretty the Farmhouse paper was displayed!  It's some beautiful stuff!

Here is my friend Kim. Isn't she beautiful!  Look how white her teeth are and don't look at mine:o]

Til next time!

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