August 20, 2020

Summer - Paper Issues


Nothing like vacation in the Dominican and swimming with Dolphins.  We had the best time last year.  We all want to go back so bad.  Maybe our next trip will be Jamaica.  It is in the planning stages.  Hope we can travel next summer.  

Anywho, we are playing Follow the Leader over at Paper Issues right now for the Summer Crop.  We started with a layout by Jennifer McMurtrey, it gets siphoned throughout about 10 people and I am the last one!  Right before me was Sindi Jeffers.  I'll show you their layouts below.  

Here is the original layout by Jennifer.....

Here is the one by Sindi that was right before me....

It is pretty cool to see how they change so much as they go through people.  It is almost like the telephone game we played in Girl Scouts when we were kids!  Thanks for stopping by.

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