November 13, 2015

September 7-14 - mambi

Good morning everyone.  As you have seen before, I like to start planning my week with a color pallet.  For this week, I chose washi tape that would blend well with the color of pages in my planner.  I did not want the morning, afternoon, evening words on my days, so I used a thin washi to cover that.  I used the bottom section as a place to decorate.  The top and middle sections were for the days activities.  This is what my week looked like when I was done.  The black peeking up from the right side is the next weeks decor.  I do move my folders around.  I love the black one and find that I use that the most.  

If you would like to see more about my week in planning, please go to the mambi blog.  That is where I will be!

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