September 1, 2015

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner - Paper Issues

I know that I post tons of layouts for Paper Issues here.  
You just gotta know how much I love all the ides and inspiration that flows from that place.  
They have a FREE cut file each month, Issues that you can participate in to have a chance to win prizes and a FREE printable.  Which leads me to this post.  
When I saw the "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" I KNEW exactly what I was going to do.  

This is Flo.  Our Frenchie person.  Or so we all think.  
She is standing with her nose in the pantry were we keep the treats.  She will stay like this until you see her or leave the room.  She does not whine.  Does not bark.  She waits.  Silently as you walk by her.  Hoping and probably praying that you'll open the door and give her a snack.
It is pathetic, truly it is.

Go HERE to get your free printable from the Paper Issues Store.  
Go HERE if you want to buy all the amazing Crate Paper Wonder collection.  If there is any left, I think I may have bought it all.

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