September 24, 2015

18 - Paper camellia

For 18 years, (this November)  I will be married to this man.  We dated, if you will, for 4 years before that.  Sometimes, it doesn't seem that long.  I still feel too young to married almost 20 years.  
Together, we have seen and done a lot of fun and amazing things.  We have traveled with the military, and traveled on vacations.  We are raising a beautiful boy with a big heart and have had several pets til the end.  When I say 18 years, that seems like forever, but when I look back, it doesn't seem that long at all.
This photo was taken at the batting cages here locally.  The sun shinning in the back is pretty cool but Randy thinks its a halo!  If it were, then it would be over MY head, not his!

Here is what I created with the September Paper Camellia Scrapbooking Kit.  
I am over on the Paper Camellia blog today where I am share this layout.  
When I saw the cork numbers, this is what popped in my head!  Well, the idea with the numbers anyway.  The rest built from there.  The majority of this layout is created with Crate Paper Wonder and the brads are from Simple Stories.

PS - the date stamp you see, that is from Studio Calico and it is NOT included in your main scrapbooking kit.  It is just a super cool date punch that I just bought!

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