June 11, 2014

Baseball Season

 The Braves may not have won the playoffs but what a fun team. They lost several games at the beginning of the season and so many games got rained out.  But the last half, man, the coach would say "the bats were on fire!"  There were such great players on this team.  Some could really smack the ball while others fielded well.  They had great sportsmanship and finished the season in third place  before the playoffs.  Bubba made some great friends.  So did I.  I feel a little sad now that it is all over.  A little empty feeling when we are sitting at home on a week night, not rushing out the door to the field.  I do love being a baseball mom.  I hope he continues the sport.  Here are a few pictures I captured  of the team.

This was when then started this new chant and cheer.  I overheard one of the 9 yr old boys say, "It doesn't matter what the score is, we just need to play our best."  

Bubba and his Chum.

Me and my chums!!  During one of many rainy days.

Here is one that an other parent took during the season.

I snuck this group photo during pictures.  

Here are the boys after they were defeating during the playoff games.  Still have fun.  

Here is Roman's coach that put in tons of time with these boys.  

FYI, the team that beat the Braves was in the last place standing for playoffs.  They have won two games now and are in the semi-finals.  Wouldn't it be cool if they won the whole thing?

Thanks for hanging with me during my reflection of the baseball season.  It was so much fun.  Can't wait til next year.

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