January 21, 2014

I HATE Math Homework

Could this be me or my son talking???  It is definitely both of us.  Not sure what it is but homework time in our house is like standing on hot volcanic ash barefoot, or sticking needles in your eyes.  Get the idea?  I have tried different times of the evening, snacking first, free time first, talking to the teacher, I sit with him, I have left him alone, no matter what we try, NOTHING works.  What is supposed to be 30 minutes takes 60-90 minutes.  He is frustrated, I am frustrated, even the dog is frustrated.  Not sure if we are gonna make it through third grade.  What I mean is, not sure if we are gonna SURVIVE third grade.  This is exactly why I do not homeschool.  I praise those who have the patience.  I DO NOT!  I am reminded daily.

Any-who, he is smart.  He loves to read.  The main problem is getting him to focus during the paper part or to stop reading in a timely manner to journal about it.  Stop piddling and get down to it.  (I know that it sounds crazy to try and get your kid to stop reading, but he needs to write about what he read, which takes another 30 minutes!)  Not sure if I ever shared this with you, but his first grade teacher swore that he will NEVER have high blood-pressure!  Says that he is just too laid back.  I should have got that in writing.  Mmmmhmmmm, she thinks its cute!  I guess it makes for super cute scrapbooking pages.

So, with that said, WE, collectively hate homework!

This is the first day of school.

This melt down is 6 days in!

During Sunday's depressing football games, my friend and I had a play date!  This is what I created just for fun using my Studio Calico Copper Mountain Kit, Sling-shot Add-on, and Project Life kit.  

Here I found my colored pencils, line them up like a rainbow and started lightly coloring.  I did have too mix a couple colors to be able to fill all my squares.  Then I smudged them with a wet paint brush and added my stickers. 

This orange tag is the one that your supposed to keep to mark down which kit this is.  The orange was perfect for my pictures.  I inserted the transparency on top of it in the slot and it was perfect.  Except for the saying in the middle of it.  I covered that with flair.

Originally, I sprayed my wood veneer circle thingy that came with the kit with white paint.  Turned it upside down and smushed it on my amazing Chic Tags base paper to try to use it as a stencil.  Once it dried, you could barely see it.  So I dug out my white gel pen, put the stencil back down and traced the inside of the circles.  Still not what I was looking for.  So I started adding little embellishments to the circles.  Punched some of my favorite papers, backed them with foam and added them.  I love how it turned out.  Not how I originally planned but better!  There was a chipboard piece that said "Melt Down" which would have been perfect for this layout except it was pink.  Just didn't match this time.  I WILL find a place for that though:o)

Hope to see you soon,

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  1. It’s sweet so see the team effort you and your son exerted to solve his Math homework. I could feel your frustration at times that you weren’t able to help him much. Have you considered getting him a tutor to help him understand it better? Sarah @ GradePower Learning