January 13, 2014

December Daily 13-15

I am treading water  but I feel like I am soon to drown with this December Daily.  I am not a quitter.  I will get it done.  Have set a much more realistic goal for myself of July 1st!  I have complete just a couple more pages and thought I would share.  If your still interested since Christmas is WAY over:o)

December 13th:

He is gonna kill me if he ever sees my comment.  Or ever stops to actually pay attention to it.  He did notice the picture and blushed a bit!

I tucked a copy of his report in the 4x6 pocket.  A+ from A Flair for Button is attached to the top of my page protector.

This Freckled Fawn button is added to the top too.

So I read on someones blog the other day that they set their pictures and embellishments on top of the page protectors when photographing.  I like this better except I can not do it when I have added embellies to the top of the PP.  But, I do think you get a much cleared, less glaring picture.  

December 14th:

I attached the litter sticker ribbon right to my photo and sewed.  This will help it stay in place if ever the sticky part decides it doesn't want to stick anymore.

Sewed straight through these this wood veneer too!  

December 15:

Thanks for stopping by.

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