March 4, 2013

Italia Feb 2012

It has been a year since I was in Italy.  Wish I was still there.  Randy is in Austria right now which is right above it.  I know this because looked it up!  Don't snicker, bet you didn't know that either!  I recently finished my Smash book from the trip.  I am pretty impressed with the discipline that I had, journaling every night in the hotel room.  I remember taking notes throughout the day.  I am surprised at how much information I recorded.  I am grateful I did because I have probably retained 10%.  Well, actually 5%.  Of course I did not leave enough room on each day for photos so you have to turn to the back to see those.    Oh my, what I would do to go back, see all those beautiful Italian men, eat pasta and visit the Colosseum.  I will return there one day.  
This type of scrapping reminds me of my scrapbooks from Jr high and high school.  I used Farmhouse Paper Companies Fair Skies line to create the cover.  I also carried that line throughout the inside and added various washi tapes, along with Studio Calico wood veneers.  

Thanks for looking.


  1. Fabulous album, Mary-Ann! LOVE IT!! I esp. had a chuckle at your "Pope" page! LOL!!

  2. AWESOME book my friend! When is it that you are being published?
    Pat K