March 21, 2013

Genetics: Spectacle's layout

Roman is much like his daddy in so many ways.  However, he has "bad" eyes like his mama.  I blame this on my mama.  She can not see at all if you take her glasses away.  When I worked at the prison, I was casually approached by an inmate and I could not see who it was.  Thought to myself, this would be a good time to get my eyes checked.  Ya think?  I received glasses in high school but no-way was I wearing them.  It wasn't cool.  Just like hats and jackets - NEVER!!!  So, last year, we decided to get Romans eyes checked after multiple headaches.  (That's good parenting right there!)  Of course I had to document the entire experience and just scrapped it yesterday.  I used the "Front Row" kit from Studio Calico.  I also got me a Silhouette!  I gave it a small try with the arrows.  I am not "techy" so it is a challenge.  I wish someone came with the box to show you how to use it.

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  1. ah here you are...! (was on the other blog before^^)

    I'm from janna's class, too!

    love this collage elements hre and the way you balance your layouts!
    and I'm soooo jealous, you got a shilouette! :)

    best wishes

    1. I do love my silhouette! Thank you for such kind words. Mary-Ann