September 21, 2020

Play - Paper Issues

 Hey all!

Last Thursday, I did a LIVE FB video with a couple friends using the September Kitchen Sink Kit from Paper Issues.  I am in charge with figuring out what product goes in the Kitchen Sink Kits each month.  For this past one, I chose papers from the Heidi Swapp Old School collection.  You can see the video HERE

I decided to use this trio of football photos from Rome's Freshman year.  It honestly is a year that we would like to forget.  At least the Football season.  It wasn't at all what we thought it would be.  But, I did have these great photos of Roman being the center, hiking the ball to the QB.  

The paper in the shape of a heart was an accident.  I was adding the strips to the page, turned it upside to add more and Kelly said she liked the heart.  What heart?  Apparently, the papers were in a perfect heart shape!  I went with it.  I did not have a clear plan anyway!  I adore how it turned out.  Be on the lookout for next months Kitchen Sink.  It is my favorite one yet!

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