December 10, 2017

My poor Boy! - Queen & Company

Morning and welcome to a glorious Sunday morning!
It snowed her last night and the ground is covered in white.  Its beautiful.  But so is lots of color!  Have you seen the What's New section of the website?  Have you seen that the Washi Tape Bundle, normally $19.95 is now $6.95??  Also, the Holiday Binder Bundle gives you LOTS and LOTS of embellishments for a ridiculously low price.  

Like my last layout I did for Queen, I applied lots of Washi to my white base for color and pizazz!  I chose colors from the photo to use as the base. 
It is bright.  But it is fun too!  

Thanks for stopping in.
Head over to Queen & Co. and give it a look over.  
Be sure to read my journaling on the page.  Poor kid.  

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