October 23, 2017

Selfie Stick - Paper Issues

Hey there!
I love new things.  A few years ago, they came out with the Selfie Stick.  I got one for Christmas.  You all know what it is, but will our grandkids know?  I am sure there will be things that come along that are much much better than a Selfie Stick.  
So the day after Christmas, the three of us were giving it a try.  None of us knew where to look and my mom would not stop moving her mouth for a good photo!  

Anyway, I wanted to document that, along with my crazy husband so I used a Swag Bag from Paper Issues to create something fast and easy. 

I started with the bag and just two really old punches that I had.  Boom.  Layout done!  

Go grab a Swag Bag or sign up for the monthly Swag Bag.  Its like Christmas to your door.  
Remember to use code: Mary-Ann for anything in the Paper Issues store.  You get 20% off. 

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