January 26, 2016

You are my Happy - Paper Issues

Hello there!

I started this layout with a bunch of tiny photos.  Mostly because I look horrible in them but also because the quality of most selfie photos are not great if you enlarge them too much.  

The story behind these crazy photos boy was trying to make my husband mad.  He was away at the time and Bub wanted him to see he was sleeping in his bed and so was the dog!  I really needed coffee at this point.  I remember it being early.  

Over on the Paper Issues blog today, the team is using different FREE printable on our projects.  One of our talented designers on the team creates a free printable every month.  These are always free and always available to anyone.  Lets look at the one I used.

Here is my layout using this June FREE printable.  You can go HERE to take a look at all the FREE printables.  You can download them all at once if you want.  Add them to the cart and check to for free.  

You can see that I cut up the printable.  

I used several of the Seven Paper's from the Paper Issues store.  Go HERE to check them out.  
Use my code: Mary-Ann for 20% off your entire order.  
Thanks for dropping by.  

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