January 29, 2016

You are Joy - Fancy Pants

Good morning.....
I must say when the assignment over at Fancy Pants for the week was 'Quotes,' I had a really hard time.  Not because I couldn't  think of anything, it was because I thought of too many things!  My boys (one being my adult husband) have a natural ability to quote movie scenes.  You can thank me that I did not decide on a Napoleon Dynamite line!  On the other hand, my husband and I (mostly me) often break out in song when someone says something that sounds like a song we know.  This can be very irritating to some, just ask my son.   I decided on something a little more mature:o)  My title, comes from one of my favorite songs we sing at church, Forever Reign.  

I really hope you will stop over to the Fancy Pants blog and take a look at my completely layout, my title or quote and my photo.  It will be worth it.  

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