June 20, 2015

Camping Planner - mambi

Good morning planner peeps!  This may be my last post with you all.  I head to the deep woods of Maine, where the black bear roam.  I covered my gray hair in case of a bear attack so at least that will look good at my viewing!  We go camping every year, to the same place, with the same people at the same camp site.  We have seen bear, so I know they are watching me!  This year, I decided to document my families activities for each day.  The hours of hiking may vary depending on weather and our current body condition, but for the most part, I have it down to a t!  Most nights, we have a fun snack and go looking for moose at the near by lakes.  We call it moose hunting, but trust me, only cameras are involved.  Along with planning our activities, I also used the meal planner, to make sure everything is thought out in advance.  The grocery list is perfect too!   Both planners will be lying on my picnic table!  I can assure you they will be the only pretty things in a 5 mile radius!  Especially 5-6 days into the trip.  Wish me luck folks and hope I hope that you are inspired to plan out your vacation activities.

It has been fun.  Pray for me.  Pray that I can at least out run one person:o)  Just kidding.

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