December 20, 2013

Dec 7th & 8th

I am WAYYYYYY behind with my December Daily (DD) but am keeping up with pretty much everything else.  I have come to the conclusion that I will not be baking for me neighbors this year.  I always do.  I am running out of time.  I have heard that from so many people this year.  Where did that week go after Thanksgiving.  I need it back!!

Here is December 7th.  Not all days are about Christmas.   I tried to make this about the other activities that my boys partakes in.  There is so much crammed into 25 days its cray cray!
He also went to a Festival of Trees.  Apparently you buy tickets, drop them in a bucket and hope to win that tree.  He didn't win his favorite, thank goodness, what would I do with this tree of Spongebob stuff??

This picture makes me happy, a bunch of boys having fun.  At someone else's house!

December 8th......
I was bored at hunting and fishing store.  I felt that something was behind me!  Dickey took a break from his craziness and hung out with Baby Jesus for the day.  The picture of Roman and Santa is one of my favorites.  This was taken back in November but needed to be included in the DD.  

Thanks for stopping in to see my fun DD.  Hope to share more soon.

12 day of Christmas over at Eclectic Paperie

Today is Day 11 over at Eclectic Paperie and it is my turn to share a project.  The deal of the day is Fancy Pants products excluding Timbergrove.  You will receive a 30% discount upon check out with the code: 12DAYS11.

Be sure to pop by to see the my complete collection of cards.


December 17, 2013

Dickie our Elf of a Shelf Days 13-17

Dickey has been receiving a lot of publicity lately on Instagram and Facebook.  For those of you who have had negative things to say, please ignore this posting.  We are having fun as a family and Dickey has been a delight.  

So, with that said, maybe not such a delight EVERY day, but overall, his presence in our home has created another magical inspiration that we are all enjoying. 

December 13

December 14
Which lead to this....


December 15

December 16  

December 17

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December 16, 2013

December Daily

Today, I am featured over at A Flair for Buttons blog with some of my December Daily photos.  I have shared a few of them with you so far but wanted to catch you up on the other daily pages I have made since my last post.  I will also catch you up on Dickie the Elf and on how I organized my December Daily products.  

Here is my double layout for December 5th.  

December 6th.  

This was our Christmas card this year.  

For those of you who are tired of hearing of our elf, please ignore this part of the post.  We are having so much fun with this little guy.  Dickey has brought excitement into our home daily.  With the festive cooking, shopping and decorating, this time of year is purely magical.  Christmas with young children is such a joy and we are making every moment count.  

For those of you who are doing December Daily, how are you organizing?  This is working for me.......  I just wish that elf would clean after me each night:o)

Here you can see that I have small cigar boxes inside of larger boxes.  

These small metal cups from an old bakery were a score!

Love these colors, the cup and the new techniques I have learned.

Thanks for stopping in folks.

December 12, 2013

December Daily and Elf on a Shelf........

This post is going to be photo heavy.  You HAVE to see what this stinking elf has been up to and this December Daily book that I have worked so hard organizing for:o)  

December Daily first:  It will also include photos of the elf, Dickie!

Here is my cover that I changed 3 times!  I painted the raw chipboard white and then added Pearl Shimmers, so if you catch it in just the right light, it glistens, like snow!  Since my washi tape did not stick well to my album last year, I decided to sew this one down and then decided to keep on sewing and attached everything on the cover with my machine.

My title page is basically telling you your about to see what is happening in the Maldonado house through the month of December.

November had to be included because we decorate out tree at the end of it and I captured this really cute picture of my cat in the box under the tree.  Speaking of box, it is an old bakers box that usually houses my blankets, I was cleaning it out and my tree just happened to fall into it!

December 1:  and here is Dickey!  Arrived in the advent calendar for another year of mischief.  Roads were slippery on this day so we Podcast church on the couch in our pj's.

December 2:  He started off with a bang.

December 3:  My boy loves to read.  He found light from under the tree.  It would have been priceless if the cat would have jumped out right about the time I took this pic!  Yes, my sexy dog looks possessed.  

December 4:  We decorated Romans tree.  Actually he did most of it.  I love the tight grouping of his Spongebob ornaments.  There were front and center and first to go on the top.

This is as far as I have gotten at this point.  I have good intentions but I keep rearranging and cleaning my December products.  I will have to share those pics with you soon.

Here are a couple of things that Dickie has been up to.

Dec 4

Dec 5

Dec 6

Dec 7

Dec 8

Dec 9

Dec 10

Dec 11

Dec 12
This is what the little devil was up to for today.  He only tagged Roman's photos, so I guess he is not that bad:o)

Thanks for stopping in.  If your tired of the elf already, unfollow if you must, cause it's only going to get worse:o)


December 6, 2013

Silent Night

I am up over at A Flair For Buttons today sharing a mini album I created with a flair button front and center!  Simple Stories December Documented is a traditional colored Christmas line with a splash of the unexpected Chalkboard black!  I am seeing it everywhere and I love it!

Flair used but not harmed in the making of this mini.....

Thanks for popping in!