January 31, 2012


I came across this really great sketch blog and thought I would try and get some 12x12 pages completed with the assistance of a talented sketcher.  I love trying to create off of someone else's sketch.  I always change it a bit and give it a little twist.  If everyone kept it the exact same it would be boring.  So here is my interpretation or twist on the above sketch.

As you can see, I turned mine to the side.  Look how small my boy was and how young my handsome husband looks.  This pic was taken when we lived in an apartment complex waiting on my house to be built.  Notice Roman's teeth:o)  They were oh so tiny.  Now, we tell him he has horse teeth, and when we do, he makes a horse noise.  Not sure how to spell that horse noise but you get the idea!  I have this huge stash of October Afternoon and 7-Gypsies cards and tags.  This was a great place to use some of those.  I love the little pic up in the corner of the parachute guy flying through the air.  Looks like my boys are looking up at it!


January 29, 2012

Refurbishing candles!

Check this out.  I found this on Pinterest this morning and found it to be very interesting.  I throw so many candles away when they get close to the bottom.  How clever is this!

Dear Yankee Candle, 
I will not be in for a while to spend all my money, I have a solution!
Me (cause you know who I am:o)

January 24, 2012

Love/Hate Relationships

Cat vs. Dog
My animals fight like cats and dogs, hahahaha.  Seriously.  I hear my cat moan or my dog yelp.  I am constantly breaking up fights.  I find that the dog is always a bit too rough with my cat.  Maybe because she is still a puppy and everyone refuses to tell her otherwise.  She also thinks that she rules the roost.  Since I recently bought all this Paper Heart by Crate Paper, I needed to find a picture that depicts true love to use some of it up.  It's almost Valentine, hence the reason I need some decoration around my house.  I searched for a photo of my husband and I.  I either didn't like my 'waddle' or my position or my face or my hands, or my socks or the background or my, whatever!!!!  Nothing was right.  Of course, I have many of my son and husband but I use those all the time.  Then I came upon the photos you will see in the layout below.  At 9pm sharp, they go from being enemies to best friends.  They forgive each other for the days mishaps and lay together like they are Siamese twins, hahahaha.  First I hear this sopping messy kissing noise of them bathing each other, then they find just the right position and settle in for the long haul.  Usually they commence this ceremony with the inevitable......snoring.  Both of them.  It is disgusting.  So, without further ado, he is my handsome boy cat, Milford and his sexy sister, Flo.  (I think they snore because they are squishing each other!)

If you are interested in adoption, feel free to contact me!  I will send them to you at no charge:o)

January 22, 2012

Banners and Tags

Pinterest, my latest addiction, has consumed sooooo much of my time.  It is funny because on facebook, I see people trying it out and then commenting on where the time has gone and how they are now thoroughly addicted.  I can completely understand this problem.  Time disappears.  My recent obsession is with tags and banners.  So, I decided to try out these hearts that I totally loved to try and create a banner for my mantel.  I found these uber cute glass hearts at Michaels.  I wish I could find some red felt hearts to place around my house.  Oh well.  See the glass heart hanging from the heart????  Maybe I should have used a thicker twine.  I love this paper collection from Crate paper.  I even did a layout that I will share with you later.  Don't you just love BURLAP????  I do.

Here are some closeups of the banner elements.  
I love some of the simplicity.  My wall color in my living room is a gold wheat color which makes this mustard stripe paper truly perfect.  Oh, and the cream felt..........I have had it for years!  Really, about 10 years.  


This is my first year trying to decorate with valentine decor.  I recently found some vintage valentines that I propped on my mantel as well.  
Gotta go tell my boys I love 'em:o)
Thanks for stopping by.


BTW:  My van is in the shop:o(  The engine needs to be replaced?  A piece of my spark plug came off and fell into the engine causing irreversible damage.  All this happened while antique shopping.  How horrible!  Anyway, it is covered under warranty, they gave me a loaner and I will have a new engine:o)

January 2, 2012

Mini V-Day cards:o)

Here are a couple of my mini cards for V-Day.  Can't wait for my son to bring them to all the pretty girls in his class:o)

I think that this one will go to Mica.  The girl he wrote the love note to a while back.  Of course, he never gave it to her.  He said it got ripped up on the bus.  I FOUND IT!!!  It even had our number at the bottom but I cropped that off.  How sweet and innocent.  He did tell me the other day that she has a boyfriend.  I remember my 1st grade boyfriend.  I "think" he knew he was my boyfriend but I'm not sure.  We never talked but we did sit by each other.  <3

I have made 10 cards.  Now I need 17 more for the rest of the class.  I think now I will mass produce with the remaining scraps.  Crate Paper has a great paper line out there too but I can not get my hands on it:o(  These little guys are from Basic Grey.  The hearts are awesome!  I just love the large die cut circle.  Wish I had a whole slew of those.  The pink ribbon wrapped around the circle card came from my local scrap store.  Isn't it beautiful?  These pictures are not great but it is iridescent and just an amazing color.   Did you notice my collection if flower frogs?  I have added to my stash and now have 7!   I  hope to find more.  Why you ask...... because 7 is just not enough:o)


January 1, 2012

Results from the contest!

Oh my, I won the craft challenge over at Crate Paper Blog.  I was soooooo excited.  You should read some of the amazing comments people made.  There were some really creative projects and I feel extremely blessed to have won.  I still get to share my creation over at the kit club at the end of this month since that was the paper line we were handed to create something.  Although I have undecorated and stuffed everything back away for the year, I have left this album out.  It is kinda wintery until you open it.  I think I can get away with it for a bit:o)

What a world wind it has been lately.  My niece, Fifi, came home for Christmas this year and they were at my house for 5 days.  I had so much fun with her, my sister and my mother.  I had not seen her for 3 years.  She is now 20 but last I saw here I swear she was 10.  Time flies way too fast.  Of course time has stopped in my house as of now because my little guy is super sick with fever and vomiting. (tmi?)  He just can't shake it:o(  Roman and Fifi had a blast.  Here are some of my favorite photos.  

 This is Fifi and her new best friend Roman.  He had a serious crush.  Yes, I know, she looks just like me! (wink!!!)

 This is my much older sister, Marcia.  (She's gonna kill me!)

 See, can't you tell she is older?

This would be my handsome boys.  

I have no idea what happened to all the height in my family.  It was all gone by the time it was my turn.

Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I just love hearts.  I have already created my class for the end of January and will share with you later this week.  Thanks for stopping by.