June 2, 2015

Monthly Planner - mambi

Planners are all the rage right now and mambi (me & my BIG ideas) has jumped on board with The Happy Planner!  Here is my take  on how I organize my design schedule.
Sometimes things are so busy, that decorations and beautiful stickers can be distracting from what you need to accomplish. Don't get me wrong, only my monthly portion is plain and simple. My weekly is completely embellished and snazzy! In the monthly section of my planner is where I keep all of the assignments that I have due for the month and important dates and appointments. For work, I have a system that works for me. Once I have created the assignment, it gets a check mark. Then, when it is blogged or sent in, it gets a yellow line through it. This is so I can still read it. Once I have blogged it on my personal blog, it gets a little circle sticker. These can be picked up at any office supply store. All of my personal appointments and child activities are in lavender, one of the softer colors. The best part of my monthly section is that everything is color coded. Rainbows and unicorns make me happy. So, as much color as possible is used in my planner.


  1. Your planner is awesome. I didn't realize you were on that many design teams, now I know why I keep seeing your awesome work everywhere!

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