December 30, 2012

CHA Sneak Peek!

Want a Farmhouse Paper company sneak peek?  Here you go!!!  I have been a very busy girl.  It has been so much fun, having an excuse to sit with my friend, drink coffee and scrap for hours!!  Can't wait to share the completed projects with you at a later date.


December 27, 2012

Day after the day after Christmas blues:o( Warning: Photo heavy

We are all in a bit of a funk around here.  The fact that I cleaned up the tree yesterday(compulsive disorder) and all this wind and rain we are getting today.  Man, it would be awesome if this were snow!!  Our back yard is currently flooded and we might need a boat to get to the playground.  Christmas was absolutely wonderful.  It all started two days before.  My mom came down, then my sister.  We had a small gathering Christmas eve with some good friends and ate like pigs who had been starved for 7 days.  I swear, it was awful.  We may have set a world record.  Speaking of world record, my sister gave Roman a world record book.  Have you ever seen the lady with the longest fingernails???  Thought I had seen her at Wal-mart a few months back but I was wrong.  I would post a photo but none of you would return to my blog.  Ever.  It's straight up disgusting.  

I wanted to share with you a couple more December Daily photos then I shall share with you a few gifts that were under our tree!  I love santa!

December Daily:  Day 9  Don't you love the silver bling.  She stares into the crack of the pantry, hoping someone will see how pathetic she looks and give her a treat.  This is on going.

December Daily:  Day 10

December Daily:  Day 11

December Daily:  Day 12

December Daily: Day 13

December Daily: Day 13 too

December Daily:  Day 14

It has bee sooooo much fun.  I love the colors of these last three layouts.  

Here are some of my favorite photos of Christmas.  I wrapped my presents with newspaper from foreign countries.  It was a good idea until I looked at my hands.  MESSY!!!  I hoped that no-one read any of the captions about terrorists:o)

My mom arrived and Roman was thrilled!

My sister and my mom making popcorn balls.  My all time favorite Christmas treat.  

YUMMO!!!  There are none left.  Do you see that one in the bottom right corner???  See the clump of butter on it!  Guess who go that one???  hehehe

We went bowling Christmas eve.  Soooo much fun.  Roman, without cheating, won the first game!

Me and my much older sister!

Sprinkling reindeer food to ensure that Santa can find our house.

Romans buds!

Setting out food for Santa and his reindeer.

Overflowing stockings.  My favorite part!

Santa brought red and black wrapped gifts.  Remember, there were 6 people here.  These are not all for me!!!

My mom made Jesus' birthday cake again this year.  One of our favorites!  German Chocolate.

My little man.

Posters for re-decorating his room.


Milford, Mil, Mil vanil 

Flo, Flo-rida

iPad mini:  mini for short!

Lego time!

MINE TOO!!!!  Look at this bad larry!!!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Birthday Jesus!


December 20, 2012

That Darn Elf!

Dickey has been up to some creative stunts lately.  I think he was going on a mission!

Sick boy ='s sick elf!!!

Then we grew some candy canes over a three day period.  That was really fun. 

Then he made a big mess of my mirror!

Then he got into my scrapbooking supplies:o)

I complain some about this little guy but I think I am having just as much fun as my boy!  


December 11, 2012

December Daily Part 2

Yay for me!!  I am up to day 8!!!  

Day 6:

Here is a double layout for day 6 because that elf - "dickey" has been up to NO good!

Day 7:

Day 8:

My favorite - Look at those chunky monkey hands.  I love that he does some of the same things his dad does.  It is funny on a day to day basis, this is something that you may overlook.  They are much the same with one exception, this is ROOTbeer!

Look what else the silly elf has been up to.  I may have to add him to my daily album again before the month is out!

I love this time of year.  See you soon.
The mother of those beautiful hands:o)

December 9, 2012

December Daily

Well, we are 2 hours shy of being on day 10 of December and I have just completed day #5!  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I am struggling though.  The pages are so small to handle all that I want to add to them but too big for the 6x6 paper pad that came with the kit.  Hmmmmm, don't think they thought that through.  I have been using last years Christmas paper stash from Crate and this years too.  Just two days ago, I was at my local store and bought all of the Crate Valentine line too.  I am a sucker. Yes, I bought valentine stuff while I am still designing for Christmas.  What I really need to be doing is my Christmas cards.  The list gets longer and longer every year because we are so blessed to keep adding new friends to our lives.

Here are some pictures of my first few days of my December Daily.

Again, here is the cover.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Check back, I may be able to play more tomorrow.  My next day is of "Dickey."  He is our mischievous Elf on a Shelf.


December 6, 2012

The Great Gift Blog Hop

eclectic Paperie, Technique Junkie Newsletter and Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps have teamed up to bring you one amazing blog hop.

I was given a few papers from Echo Park's Winter Wishes line, coasters, twine, crystal pins, and buttons all from eclectic Paperie.  From Technique Junkie Newsletter, I was given a disc where I could choose and create a gift giving item.  I chose to create a gift bag to contain my super mini album.  From Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, I received the Vintage Postcard Clear Stamp Set.  Throw those all together and this is what I created.

I started with the buttons.  I wanted to created this tree by stacking my buttons using the beautiful teal twine.  I inserted the stick pins up and down my holes and clipped the ends with wire cutters.

My plan was to attach this tree to the mini album, but it seemed to large for that and I moved it to the completed bag you will see in a moment.  I then created my mini album with coasters.  I utilized most of my papers on this project.  I stamped my small bag, banner and decided to stamp my veneer tag.

I placed my tag, face down in a semi-dry stamp pad.  I wanted light color, not complete coverage.  I then stamped it until I was happy.  I decided to add a loop of twine to this so it could be an ornament and added to a tree for decoration.

Once the tag was completed, I moved onto the gift bag that would contain my gift.  The dimensions for the original bag were slightly too large.  With the complete tutorial, pictures and dimensions for the project available, it was easily altered to accommodate what I needed.  I started covering the front of my bag with scraps of paper from my mini album.  I hung the tree to the front, stamped images, tied a bow and applied buttons.

This is my end result.  I love the wintery colors.  My mini fits nicely inside my gift bag and the recipient will receive two ornaments with their album.

Here are the details of the blog hop:  
Each of the companies will be giving away a prize randomly drawn from their designer's blogs:
EP:  25% discount on a future order
SNSS: $15 store credit
TJN: Great Gifts CD or and TJN CD of winner's choice

The winners will be posted on each company's blog by Sunday, December 9th.

To be included in the prize drawings, please comment by midnight Friday, December 7th.

Please hop on over to the other blogs posted below to see more creations.  Don't forget to comment to be eligible for the prizes!

Thanks for stopping in.
Mary-Ann Maldonado