May 27, 2011

Kit club with American Crafts

This month I struggled with time.  I think now that the weather is warmer, there is way more to do!  I finally found some time right before the last kit club meeting to create with the kit I have for almost 3 weeks.  I find that I am struggling with finding photos that are appropriate for the papers.  Most of the papers, to me, have a feminine feel.  All I have are pictures of my handsome boy.  But, I did find this really awesome strip of candid pictures of Roman and his Mamut (my sister Marcy) from about three years ago.  In the journaling I explained how she is know by so many different names.  My son is truly in love with her.  When I first saw the camera and other embellishments I just knew that I was going to have a hard time with incorporating them into my layouts.  But, I think I found the perfect spot for this little gem.  The papers are gorgeous alone and pieced together.  This months line was by American Crafts.  I used some old rub ons from my stash, some new Thickers and banner stickers from Jenni Bowlin.  I loved the metal tag from American Crafts as well.  My intention was to do sloppy stitching, however, you can see why I do not quilt like my mom!

We have been attending a church, Harbor of Hope, for about three or four years.  It is about 45 minutes away from us.  Our friends invited us and we loved it.  It is hard with our schedules to get there on a regular basis and for the fact that Soccer is smack dab in the middle of the freaking day on Sunday.  Who makes these schedules anyway?  We were able to make it to the Easter Egg hunt that they had in April.  Take note of the hot coffee, winter coats and I swear you can see our breath if you look really really close!

"Fly High" is one of my most favorite events at the Maldonado house.  My boys were flying a kite for a couple hours.  Not until the end did I realize what a great time it would be to take photos.  You have seen the picture of Roman looking toward the sky before.  I used it on the book marks that I made for Mother's Day.  I just love it.  I just love him!


May 26, 2011

My sweet boy and his cat.

Roman is currently participating in two sports right now.  One is Soccer.  This is him, picking flowers during his recent soccer game.  I love this boy!!!  During practice when the coach starts to ask, "anyone want.....(Roman has his arm in the air before the coach can finish the question) to take a break?"  He was definitely not built for speed but is has good team spirit. 

He also participates in T-Ball.  This may actually be his sport.  He loves to hit.  The problem is, he needs to hit home runs cause that fast running around the bases is not for him.  He needs home runs in order to take that slow casual stroll from base to base.  So, guess what he is doing when his team is up to hit but it is not his turn?  If you guessed picking flowers, you were right!  ( Have I  mentioned that I love the program Instagram on my Iphone?  If you don't have it you MUST check it out.)

This is Mil, Mil Vanil, Milli Vanilli, or just plain Milford.  He loves tight uncomfortable places.  This is my sewing box.  I can just imagine what he wants to say at this point.  "Get that camera out of my face." 


Completely sunk.

Kiss your kids and pets today!

May 19, 2011


It was suggested to me by one of the stores I teach at, that I do a summer album to teach over the summer.  I thought the colors in this line we cheerful and fun.  So, here it is.  If you are local and wanna join me, let me know!  I used Stickles for some glitter!  Man that takes a while to dry.  I got it everywhere!!!


I Heart Kohl's!!! :o)

Oh my, I am glad Kohl's is at least 10 minutes away.  I LOVE that store, love it even more when I get a 30% coupon!!!  I was prowling the aisles the other day and came across these great square frames.  The picture size is 8x8 but the total frame is 12x12.  How awesome is that???  I bought two for my mom.  I thought those really cute photos of her and my some sewing would be great for her sewing room walls.  She just painted her craft room in an orange color and is in need of some art! (I had informed her that orange promotes creativity!)  I can not stop at just one so I did 4.  Yes, 4.  I had to go back and buy 2 more.  For her living room she is getting the great picture I took with Instagram of her dog that died just a few weeks ago. The picture was taken two days before she passed.  She is also getting another photo that is special to her.  But for her craft room, I did these...........

These butterflies came from last months kit club.  I loved them, plus I love the slight orange in each of them.  Notice the measuring tape ribbon????

Look at that amazing flower brad.  I can not believe I used it:0(  Sometimes I buy things and think that if I use it, then it will be gone, forever!  It is, but, next month new stuff comes out and I start hoarding all over again.

Thanks for stopping by!

May 16, 2011


I am back from my extravagant travels and are settling in quite well at home.  I leave again soon, but until then, I am going to see how many days I can remain in my pj's until noon.  Yesterday was one of those days!!!  I have a confession...... I believe that I am addicted to the television.  Or I use it as a scape goat.  A way of avoiding all that needs to happen around me.  Normally, I have a real hard time playing in my scrap room until my house is clean.  Right now, my house is a mess, my scrap room has become overwhelming and all I can do is catch up on all my television recording.  I decided that I would play in my room while watching tv.  It does not work well for me.  I can not focus!!!  I did manage to come up with a few of the Birthday cards for the next class I plan to teach locally.  I will just share a couple.  The product line is "Life of the Party" by Basic Grey.  I used the rub-ons, paper, sticker sheet and pieces.  A while back I bought some twine that I have been hoarding and decided to use the different colors with this line.

Hope to post some more stuff soon.

May 2, 2011

World traveler!

I have been gone for two weeks now and leave tomorrow for another week!!!  First my family went to NC to see some friends and hit the beach.  We had a great time.  We bowled, miniature golfed, went to the beach and visited with some really great people.  Then, Roman and I headed home.  Or tried to head home.  Have you ever heard of an airline having the parent sit in the emergency row and the six year old child sit separately????  They even had the nerve to ask me if I cared.  ARE YOU KIDDING???  What do you think the other people would think when my son would ask for a soda and spill it everywhere?  Would they have to clean it up???  hmmmmm........

Then I was off to Manchester the the day after I got back.  Any of you go?  I was with The Button Farm and did not have time to breath!  Well, maybe I did cause I am still alive!  It was a fantastic show.  For those of you who made it by the booth, did you love love love the Antique Beach album??  I got myself one!!!  I was also able to take advantage of the 'yard sale' which was a big hit.  I have plans to get together with some local kit club friends and scrap!  Can not wait!!!

Tomorrow I leave for Novi, Michigan with The Button Farm again.  I have never been there.  I hope it is not hot.

So today I am pretty excited.  My animals are coming home!!  Milford, the cat has been gone for a month.  Flo, the dog has been gone for two weeks.  This morning, Roman said this was the last day that he can get dressed in peace without Flo taking his socks and underwear and running through the house like a three ring circus!

My mom, aka Tea Grammy, was trying to teach Roman how to sew.  In my last kit club with Ink About It, we received this perfect hand and tag that says "upholstering."   They were perfect to use for this layout!

We also received some old style ink pen tips.  Perfect for a homework layout.  He was also drinking tea from my really cool new tea cups from Singapore.  I love to layer, check out the layers on this butterfly picture below.  The frog with the top hat was another favorite.  Perfect for my prince!!!

These are the mothers day book marks that I made last month and forgot to post.  They came out great and will surely be enjoyed.  I scrap-lifted this idea from the CK magazine.

I will leave you with one last pic of my soon to be famous baseball star.  Can't you just see the hunger in his eyes?!!