June 10, 2015

Birthday/Anniversary Planner - mambi

If you are anything like me, you have many people important people in your life.  People you want to remember on special occasions, maybe birthdays and anniversaries.  I decided to take just the monthly sections of each month (not the weekly) to create a mini Birthday/Anniversary planner.  You can add a folder for each month to contain the birthday cards you have made or purchased to send to your family and friends.  Or, you could just keeping moving the folder to the month you are in to hold the cards.  This way, your folders can be used in your everyday planner for special keepsakes.  

For this June Planner Spread, I started with the rainbow washi tape as a jumping point.  I brought in bright colored mambiSTICKS to adorn my page.  I added a few mambiSHAPES and mambiBANNERS too since the colors matched my theme.  Essentially, I used several mambi products that I had on hand that were not specifically made for the planners.  Why not!

Get organized people and this mambi planner is the perfect assistant!
Head over to mambi to see more items or head to the Paper Issues Shop and purchase from them.  Use code: Mary-Ann for 20% off your order. 

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