August 24, 2011

Challenge winner!

Yeah!!!!  Go check me out at the My Mind's Eye blog!  I won the challenge.  My thought it cause I used multiple photos and the star cluster is pretty cool too!  The Honorable mention is pretty awesome!  I may have to scrap lift that as well:o) 

School starts Wednesday.  Time for myself is just around the corner.  This summer has gone by too quickly.  I will miss the mornings cuddling with my boy.  Wait, maybe it's my pillow I will miss!

We have a sick kitty in our house, please pray for him:o(  It will break my boys heart and mine.

August 16, 2011

Sketch challenge from My Mind's Eye!

Here is another sketch challenge from My Mind's eye.  It was loads of fun.  I thought that I would use there "American Made" line.  My dear friend gave it to me recently and I LOVE it!!!!  Here is the sketch  and what I did with it:o)  Tomorrow I head to Oklahoma.  I lived in OK for 4 years and loved every minute of it.  I feel like I'm returning home.  Did I mention that one of my bestest friends just moved to MA from OK???  We met last night for dinner and they are going to be here for 4 years:o)  Yeah me!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

August 14, 2011

Crate Color Challenge!

Crate Paper Color Challenge

Ok, these challenges are pretty exciting and encourage me to use colors that often would not try together.  Actually, just wouldn't think of.  This was definitely a challenge for me.  When a manufacturer has a color challenge, they want you to use 75% of there product and obviously the color scheme they have in mind.  This one called for the color sand, khaki and denim.  You can add black, white or kraft if you want.  So, here is my interpretation, it may seem far off in color but I don't think so.  I used sand, a pretty close interpretation of khaki, blue for denim.  I also added black to my layout.  

Take a gander at that fabulous photo! Randy brought it home with him when he came back from Florida.  I LOVE it!!!  Of course I made fun of the shirt, the honking teeth and the greasy hair, but ain't he cunnin'??  


August 12, 2011

On the road again!

Hi!  I wasn't sure what the address was to return here to make another post cause it had  been so long:o)  I'll give you a re-cap of everything that has been happening and then sympathy from you can be provided in the box below!!! (jk)  I think you know that we made it back from a week in Florida.  Things are still not good with Randy's dad but he is hanging in there.  They have started him on Morphine and is not eating well.  Prayers please:o(  

Then, I was home for a day and headed off to Pennsylvania, the birthplace (state) of the famous, Roman Maldonado!!!  Actually, a few towns over but I love PA!  I was there for a scrapbooking convention, so you KNOW it was hard work but fun.  My friend and I thought we were 21 again and went with a group to a Karaoke bar!  Then we had to work the next day and break down the both.  I think we realized that we are not quite so young anymore.  

Then we were home for a day and left for a camping trip deep in the woods of Maine.  I was not attacked by a bear but I did hear some crazy noises at night.  I have searched the internet for what it could be but have not pinned it down yet.  Everyone that I was with claims it was a Coyote.  I, however, think that it was Sasquatch or something large and man eating!   That same friend I was talking about earlier, coerced me into seeing if we could pretend to be 21 yet again.  Nope, definitely not! :o)  I have heard that there is video!

If you know me, it is uncommon for me to leave camping stuff strewed about our garage.  It is a mess.  I can not bring myself to clean it and put it away.  The place we went to was called Black Point, at Richardson Lake in Maine.  It is Black Point for a reason.  Everything is black!!!  Now, we are off to a camping trip to NH with some other friends.  This is only for the weekend!  When I return from this, my dog and cat return home from being gone a month to their grandmothers.  I can not wait!  Then I leave Wednesday for another convention in Oklahoma.  Busy, busy, busy.  Did I mention that soon after that, Roman starts first grade?  I haven't even done any school shopping yet, oh dear me.  It will probably be a midnight trip to the local Wal-Mart.  Here are some fun photos from our trip.  I have not had time to breath, let alone scrap!  But school starts soon, so, I will!!!

Be back soon