June 27, 2012

Exciting News!

Although I have not appeared on this blog, I have been quite a busy lady.  I traveled to Texas for a very quick convention with The Button Farm.  I returned home for  a day, literally just enough time to grocery shop and finish up packing for a trip to the woods.  We went camping at Baxter State Park with some family.  Guess what we saw??  A bear!  I have no pictures to prove it but its true.  We also saw two mama moose and their babies.  It was a beautiful sight.  I'll share a photo below.

Anyway, I have put together this shadow box that I received from The Button Farm.  It is amazing.  Not sure if you can tell but the photo is from Christmas and we were all in our pj's.  It is still a good family photo that matched the colors of the design.  Don't you love the tiny bottles at the bottom of the box. The only thing I am having trouble with are those darn stickers on the bottles.  They are self-adhesive but didn't stick well.  I added red line tape but that did not seem to work either.  Maybe I didn't take the tape all the way to the end.  I must try again.  It was a gift for my husband on Father's day.  

I also have some other creations up my sleeve.  But first, I must tell you the great news.  I have been asked to be on the design team and to be the blog editor for Farmhouse Paper Company.  I am thrilled.  This is very exciting for me and I hope that you will stop by and check out there product.  I will follow with a link next week.  When I can, I will sneak you peaks of some of the goodies that I have created for CHA in July.  Until then, here are a few things that are already out there.............a class being taught by The Button Farm using Farmhouse Paper.

Yum, some pretty stuff, huh?

I also received a goody box in the mail the other day.  I am sooooo excited to use these little fellas in something really soon.

I am thinking I could leave them raw or mist them.  We shall see.  I do have paint but must be desperate to bring them out.  Sometimes it seems like too much trouble.

Thanks for stopping in.  Peace out!

PS:  Here is the photo of the Moose we saw.  We were probably 20 feet away.

Here are some other photos of the camping trip too.  Roman went down into an ice cave, fed a chipmunk, and caught some fish.

June 3, 2012

Glasses at 7:o(

I have been busy scrapping with my friend Kathy again.  Instead of working on the local kit club, I have been playing with Studio Calicos last two months worth of kits.  I am inspired.
Here is what I came up with from the Aprils kit called "City of Lights."

See the hidden journalling block that doesn't have any journalling yet?  Will it ever???  Click on the green layout to see closeups of the photos on that layout.  You can see the frustration on Romans face.  This was Father's Day last year, Roman was determined to start ridding his bike without training wheels for his dad on Father's day.  HE DID IT!  We told him he could jump on the neighborhood tractor if he did it.  (oops, see that green "oh snap" tag and the green chevron envelope?  They are from the May kit.  April and May blended well together don't you think?  That "hello" orange button and the orange paperclip camera were from months ago along with the green chipboard letters.)

May's kit was called 35mm.  Actually opened this kit before April.  I just loved everything about it.

I covered the honeycomb "thingies" with the washi tape from April and May's kits.

Well, this "READ" layout makes me sad.  Why you ask?  Cause its the last pictures I have of Roman reading without glasses.  Yup, at 7, he has joined the "four-eyes" club.  He says I am in it too but you have to have a special invitation.  I think it is going to depend on how cool your classes are.

Here he is at the exam.  I could tell he was a tad nervous.

After he got his new glasses, he was nothing but excited.  He said, "Mom, your the best mom ever for buying me glasses.  I can see so much better."  He has taken them on and off, opened and closed them, put them in the case I don't know how many times.  Probably more than I ever have and I have had this pair of glasses for two years.

His beautiful blue eyes are now covered with shiny, reflective glass.  Just plain sad.  Although he does look super smart and sexy.

I just love that boy.