June 27, 2011

Sketch challenges!

While peeking at several blogs I noticed that some were having sketch challenges and decided that I would give it a whirl.  It is actually really fun, interpreting a layout with my own style.  I am not sure what kind of style that is but I sure have had fun.  I am actually getting some scrapping done!!  For the first challenge, you need to keep an open mind.  I have altered it enough where you may not be able to visualize the original sketch.  I did not want to follow the sketch exactly.  I think that I have mentioned in the past how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crate paper!!!  Well, I do.  Here is the original sketch......

Look closely and you should see the resemblance.  I turned my column the other direction and shortened it some.  I used buttons and hearts as my loose circles but opted out of using any baker's twine.  It just did not fit.  The pictures speak a thousand words.  He always has her by the neck!!

The second sketch that I gave a go at was from Jillibean.   It was tons of fun too.  I used colors that I probably would not have used normally.  The colors brought out Roman's shirt.  

This pictures is priceless, he looks so innocent:o)  
With this challenge, I kept my layout pretty much on target.  If you click on the photo of my layout, you can see it closer and see some of the writing on the stickers and embellishments.  Man I love this boy!

Update:  they have started our patio!  It looks like a big hole in the ground.  There is a lot of prep work that takes tons of time.  That is why I don't do that for a living.  I like immediate results.  It is tough to have patience.  I wanna see what it is gonna look like already!

Also, "Lance" (aka Roman) is doing great on his bike.  He has been riding around the entire neighborhood with his dad.  They don't stop!  He doesn't even need any help "taking off" anymore.  He did have a couple crashes but nothing serious.  Nothing that drew blood!  If you saw him, you would not know that he took his training wheels off just a week ago.   He's the kinda kid who likes his feet on the ground.  

Thanks for stopping by,
One Proud Mama

June 20, 2011

Father's Day

My husband's only wish for Father's Day was for his son to take his training wheels off of his bike.  So, that is what he got!!!  We won't be riding in any marathons anytime soon but we are sooooo very proud. 

Really, this is going to be lots of fun, we promise!!!

Reasoning and frustration.


Fast action.

Reward!  Ice cream also followed.  It was a great day.
Happy Father's day to the very best dad I know.  My husband. Who has the patience of an angel.
I love you.

June 16, 2011

My Mind's Eye sketch challenge

My Mind's Eye, (a really beautiful paper line manufacturer) is hosting a sketch challenge that I thought I would participate in.  All you have to do is design your interpretation of this sketch into a layout.  You must use 80% of their product.  The catcher is the title, it must be Song Lyrics.  No problem for me, I just came from the best Kindergarten show EVER!!!  

Here is my interpretation.  Slightly changed but I think you get the idea.  (If you click on the photo below, you will be able to enlarge it to read the fine print and see all the gapping mouths!)  I used a little Thickers, October Afternoon, a spot of Bella Blvd and tons of MME!!!

Have a great Father's day weekend everyone!!!

By the way, last night Roman and I were at Target shopping for the new babies next door and I asked him what he wanted to get his dad for Father's day.  He said that we could get him a new bike so in case the brand new bike he bought last week breaks, he would have a new one.  Or, we could get him a horn for his bike.  Brilliant!!!!  So we go to the bike section in search of a horn.  What does he find, a bell instead. Reminds me of Dorothy's on Wizard of Oz.  I can not wait until Sunday.  Wonder if he will put it on:o)

I love this age, they want to come up with their own ideas!
Have a great Father's Day weekend everyone!!!


June 14, 2011

Father's Day cards

I have been scrambling around trying to find time to make these father's day cards.  I dreaded using this paper line cause once it's gone it's gone.  Of course, I could by more but that is my hoarding disability shining through.  I still have teacher and coaches cards to make and the last day of school is in two days.  Oh Lord, help me.  I can do it, I can do it!! 
 I have been cleaning and cooking most of he day trying to get ready for company tonight.  People from my husbands work are coming over and I have to take my boy to t-ball.  I love a challenge.  But not one this big:o)  Wish me luck.


June 13, 2011

Notes from my Life:

What a crappy weekend.  Usually I love rain but this weekend the weather was not on my side.  Rain + company + Wii = not so exciting:o(  So, yesterday my boys went to see Pirates of the Caribbean while I stayed home and scrapped.  It was a pretty productive day all in all but I should have gone to the movie.  This is what I created..............drum roll please...........

It is not often that I get to play with pink.  I love it.  The color that is.

Back to the share with you how depressing it really has been, Thursday night T-ball was cancelled and Sunday soccer was cancelled.  The only good day was Friday and with the help of some elves, we tore down our deck.  (These elves work for food and beer!)  I can not believe that I did not take a picture of the before for you, but you should see the red-neck way we hooked up steps to get by until our patio is installed.  I gotta get a picture of it:o)

This is my boys last week of school.  Pray that I remember to take a picture of him on Thursday.  (I am weeping.)  I am very proud if him for completing Kindergarten.  Now, 12 more years to go!  
I shall see you later, I gotta go, I can not concentrate with my pup snoring so loudly!


June 8, 2011

Birthday Parties!!!

My boy has been invited to two birthday parties recently, both being held at Chuckee Cheese!  This is one of the cards that I made with the left overs from the Birthday card class I posted not long ago.  Roman and his friends Thomas and Jonathan were in the car, waiting for pizza and playing with the toy telephone that you pull on a string.  Remember that?  It is a baby toy!!!  Try telling them that!  I snapped this with my iphone, which is not a very clear picture but I loved it anyway.  When we gave the card to Jonathan, his parents love it!

Since school is coming to an end, it is time to show off all of what they have learned.  I have had several breakdowns when I realize my son is going into first grade next year.  He is no longer a baby.  He also lost a top front tooth.  That is a sure sign that he is moving out soon:o(  Anyway, the whole kindergarten class put on a show for the parents.  They sang songs, waved flags and even had to dance.  Roman had to dance with a girl, GROSS!!!

 The above picture is the way Roman posed throughout most of the show.

 See, I told you!!!

"Standing outside with my mouth open wide, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah"

There he is, in full action!

This is super sweet Lilly, one of his classmates.  If he don't see you, you don't see him:o)  Not once did he look forward toward the crowd.  However, I truly think that he is destined to be a Rock Star.