February 15, 2012

You and Pooh

Because I have nothing else to do:o) hahahahaha.  
Oh my, the time is running out.  This time tomorrow I will be on my way to Rome.  I have stolen my sons camera that Santa gave him for Christmas.  Man, it takes incredible pictures.  Can't wait to see what what I can capture at the Colosseum!  Don't get me wrong, I am a total Canon Rebel fan but this little pocket camera is going to be a gem.  I will share when I get back.  If you can not decipher what I write when I get back, it is because I totally became fluent in Italian over my 7 day trip:o)  Or the handsome Italian that I bring back with me now will write my posts.  This is going to be so fun.

See you in a week!

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

This guy right here, asked me to be his Valentine today.  What else could I say but, ABSOLUTELY.  Then he said, Dad is gonna be mad:o)  

The picture was taken on my birthday 7/09.  I just scrapped it last week.  I used Simple Stories.  I also created a little book below it with the same paper line. 

Hope you all had as great of a Valentine's Day as I had.  I got up extra early and cooked my boy bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Bacon is his favorite.  Those who know me, know I sleep til the last second.  Getting a 'real' breakfast on a school day should surely win me mother of the year:o)  I received an Edible Arrangement right after dinner, just in time for dessert.  It was from both my boys.  However, Roman thinks I need to share the balloon, the teddy bear and has already devoured half of the strawberries.  Thank goodness he doesn't like the ones covered in chocolate.  Those are my favorite!  I can't find an appropriate place to hide this monstrosity or I would so I could indulge all alone.

Two days and I leave for Rome!  Still trying to cramp 49 things in before I leave.  I cross something off my list and add two more things.  Ugh, I'm getting on the plane no matter what!

February 13, 2012

February Crate Color Challenge.

What am I doing????  I have about 50, seriously, 50 things on my to-do list before I leave for Rome on Thursday.  I need to go to the bank, water my plants, pack my clothes, I could go on and on.  But, I think I will get it all done if I quit scrapping and focus.  Focus.  Focus.  I just can't.  Here is my submission for a great color combo challenge.  I laugh when I see this picture.  Look how big my husbands head looks.  He is sitting in front of us on a train.  He is gonna kill me.........hahahaha.  I think I just peed my pants a little:o)  jk.  

Did I mention I was going to Rome????  Going with my step-sister and nephew for his high school trip, the same high school I graduated from.  Haven't been on vacation with her since high school myself.  Oh, it should be fun!  We were best friends when we were little then, after divorces and years, my dad married her mom.  Yes, I have a disFUNctional family but it's all mine!  We used to have this saying when we were in high school, (yes, high school), right before we fell asleep......"Is your neck covered? Are you in the right position? Is anything hanging over?"  We used to scare ourselves to death. We thought that if anything was hanging over, the person hiding under our bed would snip it off and if we weren't in the right position for sleep, well, he would get us too.  Remind me someday to tell you about the playground and singing, "One, Two, Freddie's coming after you...."  Oh my, I am never gonna get to sleep tonight!

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope I didn't scare you:o)

February 3, 2012

Hang on!

I think that I have mentioned this before, but here it goes.  In the past, I used to scrapbook chronologically. I would get stuck on something and wouldn't be able to move on or produce something that I really hated.  Well, looking back, lol, what was I thinking anyway:o)  So, I now scrapbook out of order.  This makes it much easier for me.  I get to choose pics to go with the paper I want to play with.  Also, when I get on a trend, like; homemade paper, notches, twine etc, you won't be able to spot that trend because even though I used the same technique over and over, it is spread throughout my photo albums and not all clumped together in a time frame.  If you know me, this was a difficult transition.  I have not been diagnoses with OCD, so, I don't claim it, but I have tendencies toward everything having to be in order.  Even scrapbooking chronologically.  With that said, I have recently scrapped with October Afternoon's Sidewalk collection.  Oh my, I LOVE the colors.  When I bought the paper, a friend of mine questioned the fact that I had a boy and this was a bright line.  (Sue:O))  So, this is what I came up with.  The pic dates back to July of 09.  Here is my take on a sketch from OA blog.

This "Play" card had a girl in the bottom right hand corner.  I covered her with the boy sticker and inserted a heart sticker on a toothpick instead of the large banner he was attached to.  Notice the vintage buttons.  I cut the yellow one, which created a huge mess, shards of plastic everywhere.  But, isn't it cute sticking out behind the cloud?  Hmmmm, maybe my new trend will be toothpick banners.  They are everywhere:o)


February 1, 2012


So maybe if I scrap about snow, it will snow?????

Just waiting patiently for a nice white blanket to cover my dead grass.