December 21, 2011

Dear scrappy friends!

Hey there scrappy friends.  
Head on over to the Crate Paper Blog
or go the the right of this blog, click on Crate Paper under People I stalk and vote for your favorite Peppermint creation.  There are some beautiful things over there.

Thanks for checking it out:o).

December 15, 2011

"5" -- Crate Paper color challenge

Another project that I have been working on instead of filling out cards and wrapping presents.  The snow fell so fast last year that it was too deep to play.  My boys were cleaning the driveway and roman got thrown on top of the piles of snow.  He loves it.  Can't wait for a little bit of snow for Christmas this year.  I REPEAT......A little bit!  It was so deep that you couldn't even make snowmen.  We had to snow blow the back yard for the dog so she didn't disappear.   

Thanks for stopping in again.  I am off to do some cards.  I think:o)

December 14, 2011

2010 Christmas album (a little late:o))

Oh what fun it is to play......when I have a million and one things left to do in just 11 days.  Have I wrapped a single present.....NO.  Have I mailed a single card.....NO.  I have mailed any packages that are being sent afar.....NO.  Now if that darn Elf that keeps moving around every night would just help me, then maybe, I would get something done!  
Instead of spending time on "really important" things, I have been spending time on just "important" things.  Well, they are important to me:o)  I think I still have jet lag.  From two weeks ago.  Even though it was still the same time zone.  I did met a friend for coffee today and received these really cozy slippers that are encasing me feet as I type.  (Thanks Kathy!) 

Here are the results of my procrastination.  I even took out the sewing machine.  Yeah me!

Check out this uber cute Christmas tree made of buttons.  Isn't it just darling? (The idea I got from Pinterest, another addiction that I have.) I love the colors.  I love the colors of this whole album.  It is made with the Peppermint line from Crate Paper.  You can buy it too, just click on the link "Crate Paper" to the right side of my blog under "People I Stalk."  Once there, you can be directed to where you can but it.

Look at those handsome animals.  All three of them:o)

Check back next year for this years photos:o)  jk

December 13, 2011


It has been a while since my last post.  (Sounds a bit like, "it has been a while since my last confession:o)"doesn't it???)  Anyway, we have  been busy busy busy.  We went to Disney as a family over Thanksgiving.  If you are considering going over Thanksgiving in the future.....DON'T DO IT!!!!  Everyone and their mother was there.  It was a subtle reminder of how I hate crowds.  How easily I forget this when I ventured out with my mother and sister this past weekend.   All because of our 9 day vacation, I am far behind this year.  Christmas has snuck up on me.  I was however, able to spend the day with a friend making Christmas cards.  You would think that getting 20 done in a day is good but not when you need about 100.  Sorry ahead of time for those who receive a store bought card:o( 

Here are a couple pics of the cards we made that glorious day.  Haven't made any since.....

The above photos are done with scraps from the recent class that I taught. If you look close, you can see that I used one of those sewing wheel thingy's for some texture.  

Look closely for the Stickels on the berries.

These above cards are from two pieces of paper from Graphic 45.  Oh my, what beautiful paper this is:o)  (Did you notice my really cool frogs?)

At the last convention I worked in October, I had to buy me this little gem.  It is not my creation.  It is my hard work though, I had to follow instructions and put it all together!  If you want one of these beauties, over toward the right of my page is a link to The Button Farm.  It will capture this years photos just perfectly.

Kit Club ---  Here is the only thing that I put together for the kit club last month.  I love love love the paper and packet we receive but just didn't have any time.  This book is meant to house birthdays and anniversaries.  It will be handy.  That is if I fill it in:o)  Don't you just love the vintage buttons on the side?  Got them from a little shop in Maine.   

Here are a few fun photos of our trip.

Thanks for stopping by.  

November 10, 2011


I have been in a bit of a funk.  Trying desperately to climb out of it.  This here, a school project from my son, has made me happy.  All warm and fuzzy!

It says, Of course I am respelling things for him......."I'm thankful for Jesus sacrificing himself to protect us.  Thank you."  

Here is an album that I completed with a kit from the club I am in.  It is from our trip to NC for Easter.  The pics are not great, they were taken with my iPhone.  Maybe if I got the new iPhone, they would be better.  Hmmmmmmm......

Thanks for stopping by!  Be thankful:o)

November 1, 2011

November, already???

Things are crazy here in Massachusetts!  We got SNOW on October 29th.  Enough snow in fact, to cancel school Mondays (cause it was wet and heavy and power was out everywhere) and to cancel Trick or Treat Monday night.  Who has EVER heard of that??? They did postpone it until Wednesday, but, it just isn't the same.  We never got to carve our pumpkins Sunday cause they are completely frozen.  Boohoo:o(  All my picture taking moments are down the drain.  

On a high note, before this all started, we spent the day in the woods with the Cub Scouts and took classes on Map/Compass, Hiking, Archery and BB Gun shooting.  Everything that my boy has a fancy for.  Here are some cool shots from the day.

These are the three boys in his Den.

Randy and Roman on the hike.  I swear it was 40 below!

My boy had 5 BB's to shoot and hit the paper with all 5!!!


The only boy in his group to pop the balloon!!!

Someone thinks he is king of the stump he is standing on:o)  The day ended at 3pm.  Just as it was ending, it started raining.  When we were at Friendly's, it started snowing.  This was the result the next morning.  Apparently there are over 500,000 houses in Mass with no power.  We were lucky.

Notice the cornstalk!  It is still October!

This month at kit club, I was excited to get the very masculine line, Hunt and Gather by Kaisercraft.  Here is what I completed.  Not much......

Thanks for stopping by.