May 24, 2012

New York New York

Things have been a world-wind around here lately.  I can't even think of what I have been up to.  Besides a school event every night, I traveled to Buffalo for 5 days and stayed at this really weird hotel.  It had wax figures, chandeliers, nicknacks and the staff were dressed to the gills.  I have never seen quite the place.  I felt like I was in a movie from the 50's when the mob ran everything.  It was called Salvatore's! 

This place was really over the top.  These pictures do not do that place justice.  I also saw a rat.  Inside a building.  Yes, I stopped to take a picture.

Before I left, I created this album.  I love Echo Park right now.  Love the vintage cameras that this line provides.  Love the blue, green and yellow.  Is that not the coolest camera you have ever seen??

Oh, and Mother's Day also occurred while I have been missing in action.  Here are some photos to update you on that day and some other favorite pics I have had since then.  

Photo from  Mother's Day.  I remember crying on mothers day before I had Roman. Wishing my dream would come true, and here he is, 7 years old, kind, handsome and loves his mama.

Here are a few more pics.

We went to an Ice Cream Social at school and Roman had his first horse ride.

These are my favorite people, whispering about me:o)

Ha!  Don't be mad Angela, this had to be shared.  We have no idea who's shiny hinny this is, but it made us cry!

I started playing Draw Something with Roman.  Look how good he can draw!

 Look at those blues eyes!  Beautiful I say, just beautiful!


May 9, 2012

More Basic Grey: PB&J

I love the name of the paper line given in this months kit from Ink About It.  It is called PB&J.  At first glance, I didn't think I was a fan and probably would not have bought it.  I am thinking that my instincts were not correct this time.  (This doesn't happen very often:o)  I actually have enjoyed working with it or maybe its with my friend Kathy who recently started the club with me.  That actually might be it.  We seem to have completed only two layouts each, both times that we have been together.  Of course, we need to get Dunkin', then sit around and talk, then scrap a little, then go eat lunch, then before we know it, time has escaped us and the kids are in need of rides home from the bus stop.  The kids just seem to get in our way:o)  Here is what I created yesterday.  I must confess, and this is not easy for me to say, these layouts are completely scrap lifted.  I think I might even include the originals so you can see my starting point.

This is the original, pretty cool:o)

This is my version.  It couldn't be as clean as this since it was Spiderman and all.  I had to add spiders and if you look close, the black spider body has black stickels!  Now looking at them, mine seems kinda plain.  maybe I shouldn't have shown the inspiration page:o(

Here is the second inspiration page.  Wayyyyy cool!

This is my version.  I loved my photos that were just taken this past Sunday on a walk with my boy.  There are these people in our neighborhood who refuse to mow.  It is such an eye soar.  I felt guilty letting Roman walk on their grass to get these "wish makers" and then thought, heck, he is doing them a favor by picking a few weeks.

My friend Kathy is more of fabric kinda girl.  Fabric flowers, clothes, whatever, as long as its with fabric.  So to my surprise and seriously little arm twisting she joined the club with me.  So, yesterday I borrowed some fabric from her and added it to the top of my page.  I loved it.  Now, lets hit the fabric store!  Click on this photo to get a closer look cause the pictures are incredible.  I must give credit to Instagram for those babies!

Thanks for dropping in.  Last night I couldn't sleep so I have been up since 3am.  I think that mink blanket from Japan and my couch are calling my name.  Please don't call:o)


May 8, 2012

Mother's Day class at Ink About It!

Come join me this Saturday, May 12th at Ink About It in Westford, Mass from 1:30-3:30.  Just in time for Mother's Day!

Hope to see you there:o)

May 7, 2012

Scrappin with a friend....

It is soooo hard for me to scrapbook somewhere other than my own home.   I can never take enough with me to a crop or I get there and find I have brought everything except what I want.  So, I invited a friend over to scrap with me.  I am super excited because she joined the kit club that I go to once a month.  Maybe we can make this a monthly affair!  It was so much fun.  I had everything that I needed at my fingertips.  This month at kit club, we were given Basic Grey's PB&J line.  I like it.  Here is what I came up with.  I'm not done, cause I think she is coming over tomorrow too!!  (shhhhhhh, another day of NO laundry or cleaning, yay me!)

Randy actually took this photo with his iPhone.  It is a bit grainy if you look close but it is a perfect picture.

One of the girls at the kit club and I challenged each other to use the blocks on the chipboard sheet.  I decided to add mine to string to enhance my banner.  I just love the little yellow heart stick pins.  Although they are not a traditional color, they almost seem perfectly made just for me:o)

I had to use this butterfly that you see below.  Maybe it goes, maybe it  doesn't.  I loved it.  Check out the series of photos.  Does this give you any indication of what will happen to my son in the future??  We, collectively as a family, came up with the title for this page.  I wanted hooligan or jailbird.  My husband said outlaw, so guess what my boy agrees to........ outlaw, of course.  I expect nothing less.  I am seriously outnumbered.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you again real soon.