September 15, 2014

You Make Me Happy

It is not often enough that I get to see my sister.  She is probably one of the most important people in my life, and I don't spend enough time with her.  Thank God for Alexander Graham Bell and the nerds who invented the smart phone.  We talk and text but I'd rather see her.  Over the 4th of July this past year, she came down to visit.  We were busy prepping for a BBQ, but took time out to snap a quick pic.  I was worried about the scar on my knee showing, so she covered it with her legs.  Both of them:o)  That is what sisters do!

Dear Lord, did you see this Foxy flair?  Isn't it just the best thing you have ever seen?  

For this layout, I used the True Friends collection from Fancy Pants.  I even utilized the packaging.  The color pallet of this line is stunning.  I think this may be my third layout, all completely different, with this same collection.

Hug your sister if you can.  If you happen to see mine, hug her or me too:o)

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