September 28, 2014

Mr. T Starter Kit!

All this bling needs a little more bling!  Don't you think?  Just wanted to share just a  glimpse at how fun and spontaneous my boy can be.  As we were getting ready for an outing last year, he had dressed himself and came into the  bathroom.  He asked me, "Mama, do you think this is too much?"  Of course I replied with "No, Bubba, I think it's perfect!"  I love moments like these.  Unstaged and precious.  I praise Instagram for the ability to capture these moments and for being able to look back and remember what you captured and the story that went with it.  I praise scrapbooking for the ability to physically document these moments.  Then, I praise manufacturers, for producing such beautiful products to complete the task. Manufacturers like A Flair for Buttons, for producing the perfect flair to accompany my story.  Here are some closeup photos of my layout.

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  1. I really love all the color you put in this! and all the scribbles.