September 5, 2014

Always Together

Well, maybe the title isn't quite accurate but we sure do a ton of stuff together, especially in the summer time.  Randy travels a bit and has to get a ride to the airport often because his flights are at ridonculous hours.  He has become quite friendly with the  driver.  You should hear some of his stories:o)  Anyway, he often tells Randy of events in the area.  One, because he likes him and two, because his wife runs a travel agency!  Good friend to have:o)  
So, he told him of this fireworks thing that was happening in Newburyport last month. 
 OMG, was it spectacular!  We ate at one of the most expensive Mexican restaurants I have ever  been to but it was magnifico!  Sorry, wrong accent.  
We parked our butts along the river and listened to a live band, ate a little street food and the best part, people watched.  I am soooo glad I am not a teenager today.  It seems like a lot of work.  
We took a selfie like we often do, and this is what I scrapped.

My layout was based on the sketch below.  Loosely based, I should say.  I find sketches a great jumping off point.  For inspiration only and you can do what every you want!  This one is from Creative Scrappers.  I used Fancy Pants True Friends paper Collection.  A sweet friend just recently gave it to me:o)  I added some stitching and triangles just like the sketch!  Oh and ink drops:o)

Remember the LEROY layout from a couple days ago?  That was the same paper line.  Completely different looks, don't you think?  

I am still mad at him for chewing my handsfree earphones.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you are interested in a crazy cat:o)

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